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My name is Mike Funnell, I live in a suburb of Sydney and, for reasons set out here, have primarily contributed photographs to articles, of mostly local interest, that seemed to lack them.

Day-to-day photos of mine can be seen on flickr, and some of my better shots are at dA.

Wikipedia Photos[edit]

<gallery widths="220px" perrow="3"> Image:Canon Powershot G1 X camera - 1.jpg|Canon G1 X camera Image:Pitt town shops-1-2400x1600.jpg|Shopping centre at Pitt Town Image:St james pitt town-1-2400x1600.jpg|St James Anglican church, Pitt Town Image:Scotts church-2-2400x1600.jpg|Scots Presbyterian (Uniting) church, Pitt Town Image:Webbs creek ferry-1w.jpg|Webbs Creek Ferry departs the Wisemans Ferry side of the Hawkesbury River Image:Powers_lookout_panorama.jpg|View from Power's Lookout Image:Jung_Woo-sung_Sydney_2008.jpg|Korean actor Jung Woo-sung Image:Eos_30v-1-weba.jpg|Canon_EOS_30V Image:Epping_voting_07-1.jpg|Australian federal election, 2007, Bennelong Image:Hexar-1-weba.jpg|Konica Hexar Image:Hexar_rf-1-weba.jpg|Hexar RF Image:Hexar_rf-2-web.jpg|Hexar RF Image:Hexanon_lenses-1-weba.jpg|M-Hexanon lenses Image:M3_and_elmar-1-weba.jpg|Leica M3 Image:Wentworthville-1-wiki.jpg|Wentworthville Image:Rhodes_shopping_centre-1.jpg|Rhodes Shopping Centre Image:Bobbin_head-1w.jpg|View of the marina at Bobbin Head Image:Bobbin_head_inn-1w.jpg|The Bobbin Inn building Image:St ives shopping village-1w.jpg|St. Ives Shopping Village Image:Polly_woodside-1w.jpg|The Polly Woodside Image:Church_point_post_office-1w.jpg|Post office branch, store & cafe at Church Point Image:Avalon_beach-1w.jpg|Avalon Beach, looking north Image:Avalon_township-1w.jpg|A view of Avalon town centre Image:Sydney_harbour_Sp_Tas-1aw.jpg|Spirit of Tasmania III in Sydney Harbour Image:Portarlington_township-2w.jpg|Portarlington, seen from the town's peir Image:North_epping_village-1w.jpg|North Epping retail area Image:Cape_schanck_lighthouse-1-web.jpg|Cape Schanck Lighthouse Image:OM-4T-1.jpg|a much-used OM-4T Image:Austlink-1w.jpg|Buildings in Austlink Business Park Image:Northbridge-1-web.jpg|Bridge at Northbridge Image:Hunter_panorama-1b-web-l.jpg|View across the Hunter Valley Image:Peter_mac_inst-1w.jpg|Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute Image:Beecroft_road-epping-1w.jpg|Beecroft Rd. Epping as seen from the footbridge to Epping Railway Station Image:beecroft_village-1w.jpg|Beecroft Village retail centre; Hannah Street Image:Cheltenham_station-1w.jpg|Cheltenham station from the bridge on Cheltenham Rd. Image:Cheltenham_corner_house-1w.jpg|House opposite Cheltenham Station Image:Cheltenham_tunnel-1w.jpg|Devlin's Creek, in flood under the M2, looking to Sutherland Rd. Image:Ar_handball-web.jpg|Sydney AFL league East Coast Eagles AFC player uses a handball pass to dispose of the ball before he is tackled by a Campbelltown Kangaroos AFC opponent. Image:Ar_mark-web.jpg|Player taking an overhead mark in a suburban western Sydney AFL]] game between the East Coast Eagles AFC and Campbelltown Kangaroos AFC Image:Ar_contesting-web.jpg|Two ruckmen contest the bounce in a suburban western Sydney AFL game between the East Coast Eagles AFC and Campbelltown Kangaroos AFC Image:Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans)-on feeder.jpg|Adult and juvenile Crimson Rosella Image:Galah_male-1-wik.jpg|male Galah Image:Galah_female-1-wik.jpg|female Galah Image:Sulphur_crested-7.jpg|Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in flight Image:Kookaburra-12.jpg|Kookaburras with lizard prey Image:Great cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo 7.jpg|Great Cormorant in NSW Australia Image:Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius) in tree.jpg|Male Eastern Rosella in New South Wales File:Alisterus scapularis -North Lyneham -pair-8.jpg|female and male Australian King Parrots Image:Grey butcherbird (Funnell).jpg|Grey Butcherbird <gallery>