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Clio: The Muse of History
Clio: The Muse of History
NameM. H. Beals , PhD, FRHistS
BornLos Angeles, CA
Country United Kingdom
Current locationLoughborough
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I am a historian and lecturer in the United Kingdom. The main focus of my research has been Scottish emigration, including settlement communities abroad and those who chose to remain in Scotland. I am particularly interested in the role of newspapers in public perceptions of migration. I teach a variety of British and American history modules and have a wide range of historical, literary and technological interests.

Declaration of Interests[edit]

I aim to make all my edits in compliance with Wikipedia's polices on neutrality and conflict of interest. I therefore declare that:


I am a Lecturer in History at Loughborough University, having previously worked at Sheffield Hallam University, the University of Warwick and the University of Glasgow. I am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a former board member of History Lab Plus (Part of the Institute of Historical Research). I volunteer at and run pedagogical and humanities research workshops.

I have not and will not make edits on articles or materials related to the institutions where I work, have worked, or may work in the future (that is, the higher education sector in general), or any scholarly organisation with which I have been or am currently affiliated.


I am the author of books and articles on Scottish migration and newspapers

I have not and will not cite them as references, unless no other peer-review source currently exists, and I will not remove them if they are cited by others (but may highlight any fraudulent claims in the relevant talk page)



I (plan to) contribute to articles on the history of the United States, Scotland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand as well as the history of journalism and individual newspapers.

I intend to create the following articles

I intend to expand or revise the following articles


I have created the following articles

I have made significant revisions to the following articles:

I have made minor revisions to the following articles:

I have copy-edited the following articles:


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