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                  The Cay 
                     This Story take place in Curacao

The narrator of the story is Phillip who was the son of Mrs Enright and Mr. Enright and one day the germans has attacked the island where Phillip was and His mother was afraid of his son PHILLIP and he left the island as they were heading towards Virgin islands Phillip met with timothy who was Eighty years old. While they were on the boat phillip always looked at the sun and when ever he looked at the sun timothy warned him. One night Phillip was looking at his hands and as he noticed that he can't see his hands and got to know that he was BLIND he thinks that his hand is Broken. and later on timothy found an island and discovered many things. One day while the Wind was blewing and the birds was crying timothy got an idea that this would be a hurricane because that has already happened with timothy. As the hurricane came to the island Timothy was cutt into pieces and later on Phillip noticed that Eighty years old timothy had died. Phillip was think why didn't he took him. Phillip and stew cat was alone on the island. One day he heared an airplane was flying over him he ran towards the fire and make it a signal. they didn't notice anything because the smoke was white. and when the Plane passes through him he wanted to die. and as the days passes the helicopter found the island and took him back. He got a surgery in his eyes and soon he was able to see