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I am sick of people attacking me with single-issue names such as "communist" or "Taidu" or "homophobe". My political, social and economic beliefs are impossible to accurately reflect with a single noun. Therefore I have compiled the following list of my beliefs so that those who would resort to personal attacks against me may now consult this list in order to formulate a complex libel to impugn me with. I require those who wish to vilify me, to at the very least do it with thought and style.
General Issues
Issue Stance Remark
Free market Unconditional Endorsement +8.88 on
Personal liberty Strong Advocacy +3.33 on
Political freedom Lukewarm Affirmation A good thing to have
Specific Issues
Issue Stance Remark
One China Principle Unwavering Support One China. End of Story.
Taiwan Independence Vehement Condemnation 98% of Taiwanese are Chinese. 2% are aboriginal. Manchukuo MK II?
Three Principles of the People Provisory Acknowledgment The Principle of Nationalism is to be understood as Chinese cultural-centrism; The Principle of People's Livelihood is to be understood as providing the best standard of living possible; ie. through the free market
Zhonghua Minzu Denial of Existence "Chinese" is not an ethnic or national group but a cultural identity
Chinese "democracy" movement Utter Despisal I would support those "activists" not on the payroll of foreign nations; unfortunately none exists
Japanese historical revisionists Gnashing of Teeth No written words can describe in full my abhorrence of these individuals
Who fought the War Uncharacteristic Neutrality 不管共貓國貓,打日本人就是好貓!
Ayn Randism Harsh Disapproval of a self-serving, cold-blooded, antisocial, delusional and hatemongering woman and her droids
Austrian school Embarrassed Accedence They make some good points but are usually too extremist
Supply-side economics Tentative Agreement I have not been shown sufficiently convincing evidence to suggest the contrary
Communism/Socialism/Collectivism Absolute Reprehension The belief that it is somehow justified to take wealth produced by someone to give to another. Enough said.
Abortion Callous Disregard Who the heck cares?
Capital punishment Cultural Assent 殺人償命