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Hello, people, hello.

There are many areas of Wikipedia to which I contribute. I have high hopes of expanding this userpage someday (but don't hold your breath).

To do:

Needs formatting help:

Just noticed that Joseph Dunninger needs a page here. (7-26-06) {Update, July 2010: Created August 2006}

There are some size-related issues relating to Harvard's library system. (9-6-06)

Size classification used at NYPL. (9-6-06)

Category:100 Longest-Running Broadway shows needs completion. Missing articles: Lightnin', Never Too Late; also Gas Light is actually on IBDB as Angel Street -- perhaps create article for play under proper name. (March 9 08)

July 2010: Blue Dahlia needs Stage Adaptation section. Also, PRT needs an article.

September 2010: Rubicon Theatre Co also needs an article.

HG: " mother persuaded me not to do it [have the vocal nodules removed surgically]." HTGOD; HG; 1988 St. martin's Press; pg 145.

USP needs citations, and major work. Ugh. (10-18-13)

This to-do list itself is in need of major upgrading; I believe that several of the above notes have been taken care of in my pseudo-absence.

I may never get the hang of userboxen.

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