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Michael Janich, born in 1967 in Mosbach, Germany, studied banking in Germany from 1983 to 1985 at Sparkasse Mosbach in Germany and graduated as "Bankkaufmann" (management trainee). He worked for seven more months in the same bank before he started to study Computer Science at the University of Paderborn in Germany in 1986, after one year of business college (Einjaehriges Berufskolleg zum Erreichen der Fachhochschulreife). The university is famous because it is mostly sponsored by Nixdorf (today Siemens Nixdorf). Michael graduated in May 1995 with a Master's Degree.

During his studies, he dealt with the following projects

  • Electrical Engineering background of computers
  • Minor degree in Psychology, which led to his inter-disciplinary master thesis "Recognition of TV advertising using highly parallel Neural Networks"
  • Co-Founder and active member of the Amiga User Group Uni Paderborn (AUGUP)
  • Chip Design and Chip Design Tools

In 1992 Germany changed its postal ZIP code system. Michael Janich took this opportunity to found his own software company. He developed ZIP code changing software for MS-DOS, UNIX and Amiga from idea, design, coding, packing, marketing, advertisement, shipping to tech support. He understood very early what a full development cycle from the idea to the product in the hand of the customer means.

Michael implemented more business ideas successfully.

He was among the first to own a personal WWW homepage and to contribute to the world's largest digital library by investing time and effort into publishing the city homepage of Paderborn.

After his Master's Degree the position MIS manager with IDC Asia/Pacific brought him to Hong Kong. He set up a TCP/IP WAN over the existing IPX/SPX network, installed and maintained SCO UNIX and Oracle, upgraded the office to MS Windows-95. He managed 55 desktops and 2 servers, CC:Mail, LAN-manager (NT) protocol, Lotus Notes, UNIX mail, etc.

In May 1996 Michael Janich joined Ziran Group, now known as Zi Corporation, as Vice President, Head of Systems. He was heading all Asia/Pacific LAN and WAN, supervises technical staff and works together with the sales team in pre-sales presentations. He was responsible for QC/QA for all products as well as customer support worldwide.

In February 1998 he founded nanosoft Ltd., where he developed databases with world-wide-web integration, better known as search engines. He's providing solutions for electronic commerce in Hong Kong and works on projects to improve human information processing.

From Sep 1998 to Sep 1999 he supported Merrill Lynch, the biggest American investment bank and fortune 23 company, with internal and external web related work on a contractual basis.

Since Sep 1999 he serves, a global raw material trading portal, as Chief Technology Officer. Since 2001 he also serves the mother company Noble Group Limited as their Chief Technology Officer.

In January 2004 Michael left the Noble Group to further his education and to change his field: He is starting a PhD degree in the field of genetics in mid 2004. He started with some biology courses at The University of Hong Kong in Sep 2004 and started his PhD in plant molecular biology.

After rejoining Noble Group Michael joined one of its subdivisions "Fleet Management" as CIO.

Today Michael is CEO of Chimera Sys GmbH, a diversified IT consultancy group.