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I am a mobile technology journalist from the United States of America. I have been writing about mobile phones and related technologies for over 5 years, and previously worked as an executive in the IT industry.


I first got into technology when I started programming computers back in the mid 1970s while I was still in grade school. My first computer programs were written on an Atari 400, a relatively inexpensive computer that ran on the then-popular 6502 CPU. Before I hit my teen years I was already working summers in the big city where I primarily worked on R:Base applications. By the time I had reached college I was able to program capably in over 12 different programming languages, including 6502 assembly language, C, Pascal, LISP, and various RDBMS languages.

I have founded a number of companies over the years, one of them being an Internet software firm that was founded back in 1995, before the world knew what a web page was. I was also the CTO of a financial services firm back in the Dot-com bubble days.


I am primarily interested in mobile technology and, in particular, user interfaces. I have a vast collection of mobile phones stretching back many years, and have an equally large collection of Bluetooth headsets dating back to Ericsson's HBH-10, the company's first headset.

I am also an avid photographer. I started shooting with film before I was in grade school and started working with digital cameras before they had even reached VGA resolution. I currently use a number of Canon DSLR cameras for my work.

Lastly, I am an editor. I plan on contributing to Wikipedia mostly by way of proofing and editing the works of others rather than making more detailed, and time consuming, contributions of original works.