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Some notes toward a style-sheet:


Title. Author name. Publisher, Year.


"Title." Author name. Periodical Name, Issue information (dates are best), page range (NOT a single number for start of article).

Style guide for non-typists:

Always hit the space key after you type a period ( . ), semi-colon ( ; ), or comma ( , ).

Never hit the space key before you type a period, semi-colon, or comma - that is, unless your period is a three-period figure called 'ellipsis'. In that case, space before and after.

From old userpage:

  1. stick very narrowly to writing about what I care about:
    1. the ancient world
    2. the first half of the middle ages
  2. edit bad work without explanation unless it is requested
  3. forget about trying to teach people how to write history entries - which is hard for me to resist
    1. write a few 'tools' entries, which will be 'teaching', but which I think we need.


I thought I could resist reading and editing user:H.J.'s messy entries, but when she went into the Pope Pius II entry and linkified his birth-name, then went and created an entry there mentioning that he was secretary in Vienna to someone, archbishop of Warmia, and then later pope (without even the courtesy of linking back to an entry she KNEW existed), I - ahem - vented. Pardon me, gentle wikipedians.