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First, the treat: here is a free Chrome extension named WikSort that I wrote for editing Wikipedia, available for installation via the very official Chrome Web Store. The extension is based on my earlier Greasemonkey and Wikipedia user script WikSort versions, except a bit more polished and powerful. I like the fact that I can install it on any computer that supports the Chrome browser, including my little portable Chromebook. I use WikSort whenever I need more detailed editing of larger articles. You might find it useful, too.

I have a couple other unreleased scripts and extensions I keep around for my own editing use. Alas, they are not really packaged or designed for public consumption. If you are desperate for a custom tool, let me know. Occasionally and randomly, I am roused to programmatic action.

On a more personal note, to the one or two of you who might be wondering, yes, that is my real name up there. I have used my real identity online since the mid-1980s, barring a handful of not particularly notable exceptions. I have used it here on Wikipedia since my first edit in 2004.

For those paranoid about such things, thus far the worst consequence of using my real identity here is that another Wikipedia editor was sufficiently agitated to fax me an unflattering personalized cartoon. He or she apparently felt that I was responsible for requesting the deletion of an article on a comic they supported (I wasn't), or I voted for the deletion at AfD (I didn't participate either way), or I posted an unflattering remark about the comic that was quoted back in the faxed cartoon (I didn't make the comment, either). Other than that, the faxed riposte was spot-on, and represents the deep levels of thought and research typically displayed in such dustups. I have the fax filed away, utterly failing to mount it in a suitably prominent location in my abode. Mea culpa.

Anyway, I don't have a fax number now. Nothing to do with the cartoon, it was merely a victim of the changing technological times.