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Michael Martinez is an author, theorist, blogger, search engine optimization specialist, and former computer programmer.

Michael's online career began in 1993 when he joined the Compuserve discussion community for a software firm's customers. Expanding to the Compuserve SFLit Forum, Michael joined a budding writers group called the Compuserve IMPs (the Wikipedia article was deleted in early 2015 as award-winning published SciFi authors no longer appear to meet Wikipedia's bizarre "notability" requirements). As Compuserve expanded its services to include access to the World Wide Web and the news groups, Michael's attention turned to the growing Internet.

Essays and Books on J.R.R. Tolkien[edit]

Michael Martinez was recruited to write for Suite101 in 1998, launching the Hercules and Xena topic. After a year he switched to writing about J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth, a topic he managed for 3 more years before handing that column over to someone else. Suite101 eventually transformed itself into a very different kind of Website and Michael withdraw all his essays from their archive.

Michael currently writes for the Middle-earth blog on Xenite.Org and the "Tolkien Studies on the Web" blog (both his own sites) as well as occasional posts for the Tolkien Society blog. Many of his essays have been translated (with my permission) into Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Polish, Hungarian, French, and Italian. Michael's work has been cited and/or featured on thousands of Websites.

Books by Michael Martinez include Visualizing Middle-earth (Xlibris, 2000), Parma Endorion: Essays on Middle-earth (2001), Understanding Middle-earth: Essays on J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth (Vivisphere, 2003), and Mindfaring Through Middle-earth (2015).

Search Engine Optimization[edit]

Michael became active in the search engine optimization community in 1998 and his experiments in interactions between Websites and search engines have influenced many Web marketing tools and practices. Michael launched the SEO Theory blog in December 2006.

His theoretical work has focused on the Searchable Web Ecosystem and includes proposals for viral propaganda theory, large systems theory, deep Web interferometrical analysis, and applications of swarm theory to the study of Web marketing practices.

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