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Michael Matvieshen is a business executive who is primarily concerned with ventures in renewable energy including solar power for the future. He says that all of the energy sources that we currently use, such as fossil fuels and natural gas, all have a limited time line, and that if we wish to have any sustainable future, we need to come up with new energy sources now that are cost effective . That is why he is utilizing solar power to do just that, becoming a beacon of hope for the field.

Early Life and Career[edit]

Michael Matvieshen is a professional businessman and CEO who was also the founder and Chairman of Sunlogics PLC, a solar power company that received what is called a direct equity investment from a prominent company known as General Motors. They were chosen by GM to deploy more advanced methods for solar energy. His companies have since been developing impressive improvements to solar technology such as the three-dimensional photovoltaic arrays. Michael himself has also been the sole developer of a fifty plus million dollars of solar power project. During his time with Sunlogics PLC, he was in charge of making and signing off a collective 240 million dollars worth of different solar and technological developments that are leading man towards a brighter future. He helped manage General Motor Corp’s. solar development sites all over the world.

Michael Matvieshen has been working towards solar-powered and technology based developments and innovations for many years now. He currently resides as the Senior Strategic Advisor to the Board of several companies, and was also the CEO of several for many years. He has also been the past President and CEO of a company called Wolverine Resources Inc.

He has been in the technology and business development field for over twenty-five years now, playing many different roles, including an investor, an entrepreneur, and even an inventor. He has also been closely involved in many land and commercial construction and development in real-estate projects across the world.