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Michael Priv

Michael Priv, a contemporary writer, was born in the Soviet Ukraine, escaped to the USA in 1979. A Civil Engineer by education and a Construction Business Consultant by trade, he is and has been since 1987 an avid student of Eastern philosophies of Tao and Buddhism, particularly their application to actually help people.

All his writings carry the spark of spirituality, the so called "Spark of Theta." To the Ancient Greeks, just as to the Phoenicians before them, the letter Theta denoted that mysterious energy that George Lucas called "The Force" in his Star Wars and that Lao Tze called "Tao" in his Tao Te Ching.

Friends of Fred was Michael’s first novel, followed by his Sci Fi thriller Forever Dead and several short stories.

Michael is currently residing in Northern California with his family. You can read his published and unpublished short stories on