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I'm a graduate of Oxford University with ambitions to enter the financial services or commercial law sectors. I've been editing Wikipedia sporadically since October 2010. I largely involve myself with improving the sources of major articles, updating, copyediting and removing vandalism. I've also created a number of articles, mostly focusing on important scientists and new inventions. My major areas of interest on Wikipedia include robotics, medicine, modern history (particularly of China and Cuba), aviation, spaceflight, skyscrapers and global demographics. As far as I'm concerned, Wikipedia's purpose is to educate the reader; its articles should be detailed and well-sourced, offering large amounts of accurate information on as many subjects as possible – within reason, of course.

The name is a reference to Oxford's Michaelmas term, and to 1957, the year my father was born.

I'm currently on an extended Wikibreak, returning at some point in the future.

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