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When did I start? December 2004 Hypertension. There were some from a previous IP address before that. 25 May 2005 - [1]


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GP (Family Medicine) Exeter, England. Primate space cadetPhotographer

Early member of the Ganfyd medical reference wiki

Unrelated to Thomas_Midgley,_Jr., Mary Midgley

The Internet gets too much split up into little bubbles by commercial and governmental activity, Wikipedia started as a mostly foam-free effort.


I used to work near Corfe_Castle now live in Exeter Exeter_(UK_Parliament_constituency)

WP is in general A Good Thing. Reference books should usually accumulate annotations as time goes on, and being able to make them directly, and share from others' made, into the text is on the whole a significant improvement. The licence applied to ganfyd is the first effort I know of to merge the huge advantages of WP with satisfactory conditions for a professional resource. Time will tell.

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Special:Whatlinkshere/User:Midgley Vandals - WP:AIV admin noticeboard active admins Wikipedia:WikiProject_Clinical_medicine

3 March 2006. Edward_Jenner is a good article. This is the result of an amiable effort by several people who want to write an encyclopaedia and was both fun and worthwhile. This is quite distinguishable from the efforts of the entryist anti-vaccination cabal who wish to avoid mention of their activities and are distinctly unWP:CIVIL about it.


Wikipedia:Notability (doctors). Derived. I'm surprised how little change it has received so far.

Improvements by afd[edit]

Contact field microscopy was a hoax. Deleted. Royal Rife remains. Assemblage Point - a hoax with coloured lights - is gone. Abrams is better after some research. Bioresonance damped out; Richard Schulz deleted.

Those making money out of quackery call it alternative medicine; those losing money to alternative medicine call it quackery. :-D (Talk:Quackery)

To categorise me as interested in alternative healthcare rather than a WPedian opposed to quackery was not entirely helpful. There is no such thing as alternative healthcare, there is healthcare that works and healthcare that doesn't, and like the rest of my profession I rapidly adopt the bits that actually work, and try to discard the ones that don't. Most of the alternative health articles I get involved with on WP are arrant quackery, ripoffs, attempts to publicise fraud for profit and the like.

Small improvements[edit]

Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/The_Little_Mandate; [[Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Peter Fletcher| P__ F__ v1];

How/When to split pages [2]

Barnstars etc[edit]

The Ruben Pseudoscience Barnstar (risks toppling off a drooping flat earth). For heroic defence of reality against those who would impose the pseudoscience of their belief system in - Anti-vaccinationists.

Not just about ensuring SPOV, NPOV or reverting vandalism, but citing & verifying to defend against trivial, but highly vocal, minority viewpoints who often eloquently argue & post large number of references, most of which are selectively misquoted, do not draw the claimed conclusions or are anecdotal reports rather than null-hypothesis statistically-vetted duplicable-research.

For your work against quacks, viz. the article anti-vaccinationists and other articles, I award you this picture of Sir William Osler and three colleagues! -- Samir Canadian maple leaf 2.jpg (the scope) धर्म

In lieu of a barnstar, your contribs are appreciated. -- Samir Canadian maple leaf 2.jpg (the scope) धर्म 08:51, 6 February 2006 (UTC)

sugar free left, a thank you from me, and let's keep the reminder

Some pages[edit]

Artificial induction of immunity putting several things in context.

Medical controversy pages, and the causes of medical page controversies

a list of pages


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Fast neutron reactor now with added USP. The risks of nuclear proliferation are real, and the countries which stand up against it are to be praised, as, sometimes, are the individuals who take great risks to make clear those that do it.

Anti-Bias Award[edit]

I don't know how to make fancy pictures to put in an award but you deserve one for your efforts at making the Kaiser Permanente article more neutral. Thank you. Kato 13:32, 18 May 2006 (UTC)

Still here ...