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Once upon a midnight dreary... Welcome to my Wikipedia user profile.

Note: In 2014, I used User:Rob at Houghton during my short stint as Wikipedian in residence at Houghton Library. More information on that role is on my alternate user page.


My Wikipedia work[edit]

I especially put a lot of work into articles relating to Edgar Allan Poe. I do not claim to own any of the articles relating to Poe, though I am occasionally stubborn about them. Even so I strongly encourage people to be bold and mercilessly edit those pages. I'm also always willing to discuss things on talk pages. I'm really not so single-minded, though. Other random interests include classic literature in general, but especially American authors of the 19th century.

Significant edits[edit]

Poe and his works
Other writers and related articles

Coming soon[edit]

Collaborators welcome!

Note to others: You may find me working on similar projects with the same user name, Midnightdreary. Yes, it's me.

More about me[edit]

I strongly believe that people who spend more time editing their user page than actual articles aren't really reaching their full potential in the WikiCommunity. Beyond that, everything you need to know about me you can learn from a userbox. That's why they're there. :)

Stuff I can show off[edit]