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Hi there.

I'm an American living in Osaka, Japan. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington and a Master's Degree in Japanese studies from the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England. I wrote my thesis on Japanese ghost stories.

Currently, I am a teacher at a Elementary school, and a writer for Japanzine magazine.

Current Wikipedia missions:

First, I am trying to update the Wikipedia articles on kaidan, yūrei and yōkai, usually translating the Japanese pages into English.

Currently working on:

Next, if I have a particular article for Japanzine that involves indepth research, I will share that research with Wikipedia:

Finally, I am trying to bring as many Japan-related articles as possible under the banner of Wikiproject:Japan, hopefully bringing them to the attention of experts in the project so that we can improve the Japan-related content of Wikipedia overall.

That is all.