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User description[edit]

Mikael Häggström in 2017.

Mikael Häggström is a Doctor of Medicine. He graduated from Uppsala University, Faculty of Medicine in 2013. He is currently working as a physician under specialist training in radiology at the NU Hospital Group, Sweden.

He was born in Gothenburg, and grew up in nearby Uddevalla by the coast. He decided to become a doctor while backpacking for half a year in 2005, taking the Trans-Siberian train to China and crossing the Himalayas from Tibet to Nepal.

He has contributed to Wikipedia since 2006. He is the creator and editor-in-chief of WikiJournal of Medicine, a new Wikipedia-integrated, peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal.[1]

Publication of images[edit]


For editors wanting to know what attribution to use when including one of my pictures in a work, essentially all my images up to 2014 are included in an image collection which may be attributed as:


  • By Mikael Häggström, used with permission.

Later images as well as collaboarations can be reached at: User:Mikael Häggström/Gallery, with attributions described at that page.

If the license (as given under the "Licensing" section of the image description page) has "share-alike" in its name, then a license description should be included in the attribution as well, such as "released under the Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license". If there the image description mentions several authors, an addition such as "Created by [other image author(s)] and Mikael Häggström, MD".

High resolution versions[edit]

The image version of highest resolution is generally found by clicking the "Full resolution" link, located below the image on its description page.


I am now most active in Wikiversity, as editor-in-chief of Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. In Wikipedia, I frequently add radiologic images (with written consent from the subjects), and I often correct or add to the prose of articles.


I use Inkscape, GIMP and MS Paint to create images.

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1629 articles created as per July 2017, exluding redirects, for example:

Entire list can be viewed at: List of article creations

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In my edit summaries, + means "addition of ..." and (a dash) means "removal of ...". For verbs that may not be found in a standard dictionary, those ending with the past tense suffix -ed should correlate with a common noun or verb after removal of that suffix. Similarly, a prefix of de- should mean an opposite, a negation or a removal of whatever verb follows. For still incomprehensible terminology, please notify me on talk page.


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