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About Me[edit]

I mainly work on articles about Japanese mythology, although I occasionally write and edit articles on other subjects as well.

My Contributions[edit]

Article Creation[edit]

13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey*, Abura-sumashi, Akaname, Amikiri, The Dream Of Akinosuke*, Harionago, Hoji (Japanese mythology), Horai, Pickens County Courthouse*, Sessho-seki, Tamamo no Mae, Umibouzu, Ushi-Oni, Yotsuya Kaidan

* - Listed under "Did you know..."

Articles Contributed To[edit]

Chikan (body contact), Extraterrestrial life, Groping, The Inner Light (TNG episode), Kancho, Kathryn Tucker Windham, Life on Mars, Montgomery, Alabama, Narashino, Chiba, Noppera-bō, Raccoon Dog, Rio Tinto (River), Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway

Template Creation[edit]

Template:Jmyth navbox tall, Template:Jmyth navbox long