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Mike Martello (October 5, 1966; June 2, 2009) was the Director of the Wu Tan Federation of Belgium. Awarded in 2001 the Taiwanese GuoShu Medal of Achievement for his work in Chinese martial arts, Mike Martello has been studying and teaching martial arts for over twenty five years.


Early Life[edit]

Mike grew up in New York City, where street fighting was a regular occurrence growing up. "In New York City, kids had to be tough and know how to defend themselves; otherwise you'd just get clobbered."

Following years of training in boxing, gymnastics and street sports, he began to learn martial arts for practical reasons. "First, it was to learn how to fight, but it really saved me when I was a teenager. It taught me both discipline and respect." Twenty years later, Mike Martello appreciates not only the practical aspects of martial arts, but also the beauty of the art form and culture.

Mike began his early training with classical boxing from his father, then at the age of 11 was introduced to kung fu by Teacher Teddy Wong (New York City). Mike later became a disciple under the tutelage of Master Su Yu-Chang, specializing in Tanglang (Praying Mantis), Baji Chuan, Bagua Zhang, Pigua Zhang, Hsing-I Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan and Weapons. Mike also co-teaches with the Wu Tan Organization in Taipei Taiwan. In 2001 he was appointed by Mrs. Liu Yun-Chiao and the Taiwanese Wu Tan Organiztion as an official Wu Tan Director.

Training in Taiwan[edit]

Mike continued to travel and study Chinese Martial Arts in Taiwan with Master Wang Chieh, specializing in Yue Jia San Shou (Yue Family Style), Ba Bu Tanglang (Praying Mantis), Bai He Chuan (White Crane), Joint Locking (Chin-Na), Taijiquan, Push Hands (Tuei Shou) and Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling).

Mike taught and performed martial arts in Europe, Canada, South America, Taiwan, China and across the U.S.A. Mike is a nationally and internationally ranked competitor, with over 100 competitions in Chinese martial arts (gold, silver, bronze medalists, 86-88, 90-92 and 94-2000 U.S. Nationals and International Competitions).

Beijing International Training Camps[edit]

File:Mike Martello and Yu Shaoyi.jpg
Mike and Yu Shaoyi at the 1st International Martial Arts Camp, 2007 Beijing

Mike along with other Chinese teachers and students successfully organized two International Training Camps, the first of which took place from August 3 to 28, 2007. The camp attracted students from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, USA, Canada etc. A second training camp was organized from July 1t to 28, 2009 with a excellent turn out of students.


Mike Martello had a Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome, a congential heart defect. On the morning of June 2nd, 2009, Mike Martello passed away suddenly in Belgium.

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