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Hi there. I'm one of these who lives here, was born on the same day as this guy, went to this place and that, was once in this racket, was a research director for this fellow right here, formerly worked for these guys and those, and now work with them and also them. If you need some background on my game and puzzle design stuff, go to here: Lone Shark Games. You can find my blog here: The Most Beautiful Things.

I came here because someone said I was on it, over in some of the Avalon Hill entries. I had an imperfect understanding of what Wikipedia was, but quickly became absorbed in the hugeness of it all.

Since I work primarily on games, sports, and puzzles, that's what I'm most focused on here. I spent a while reorganizing the Category:Sportspeople subcategories, making sure every athlete had an entry under a (nationality/sport) subcategory and thus no entry under a main page if possible. Where I didn't know what to do, I asked someone smarter than me. I think it looks a lot better now. (If I'd known it would take 3000 edits to do this, I probably wouldn't have. But ignorance is often bliss.) We then knocked off Category:College football teams, Category:National Football League players, Category:College basketball players in the United States, Category:American Hockey League players, various subcategories of Category:Singles, Category:Wikipedians, and Category:Musicians by band. Lately I've been trying to fill out Category:Games by company and Category:Games by designer. C'mon along and help if you like.

I also like seeing people get credit for what they do, so I've tried to put puzzle and game designers into their categories, which has problematically resulted in me occasionally editing myself and my friends. Not something I'm thrilled with. So if you'd like to rewrite anything in that vein, please feel free.