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I wrote a letter letter to the editors that appeared in the April, 2007 issue of Business 2.0 about the magazine's overstatement of the size and accuracy of Wikipedia.[1]

I wrote the letter because I'm tired of reading articles here that are wrong, unreferenced, or about meaningless subjects. I'm weary of people insisting that Wikipedia is useful. While it's a marvelous concept, the execution has left us with lots of problems. Are we concerned enough with fixing them to make it right before some damage is done?

We learn that Wikipedia is used by more and more people every day, and used as a primary reference, despite disclaimers that the information isn't accurate--or, is at least--fluid and unverified.

From media outlets to school children, people are relying on this information -- they're educating themselves and formulating opinions and learning. But because Wikipedia is so lax in assuring it is correct, and because people have been conditioned to "walk through" disclaimers and just get their work done, what they're learning and reading and thinking about is most likely incorrect.

If we let Wikipedia continue to publish and grow without fixing what it has, we're slowly poisoning the common knowledge of the people. An incorrect fact published here, gone unverified, given the credibility, replication, and reach the site has, means that bad information is spreading very fast. And it's lodging in people, where it's possibly the hardest to work out.

I hope you can help Wikipedia avoid becoming a bigger problem than it already is: either by working to correct and improve existing pages, having marginal information eradicated altogether, or by working to improve the policies that govern the site and cause these fundamental problems.

Position on Content[edit]

I'm disappointed at Wikipedia's focus on quantity rather than quality.

Numerous user pages boast about articles that have been created, but I've found few that describe how articles were improved or how crufty, non-notable, or directory-oriented articles were deleted.

While the number of articles continues to climb, Wikipedia's value doesn't. In fact, I'd argue that it drops as authors edit articles without citations, create new articles on obvious content without any value-added, and build lists out of thin air. While spending time cataloging frivolous but commonly appealing topics, articles with academic merit go unedited.


Wikipedia doesn't use itself as a source. Why would anyone else? The reasons for Wikipedia's restriction on itself are logically apparent: the encyclopedia could say anything it wants, so it can't use itself as a source because it, itself, isn't reliable. But even if it doesn't use itself as a source, it could still say anything it wants about any subject. Why would any other user or author assume that it is accurate?

Some instructors don't allow Wikipedia to be used as a source, either. [2][3][4] [5]


I like to race cars, drift around on my boat with my wife, dabble with electronics, and take pictures. I work as a software architect. I want to learn how to weld, and get better at flippin' wrenches.


Working Man's Barnstar

A Barnstar!
The Working Man's Barnstar

For your work disambiguating links Dina 18:53, 26 August 2006 (UTC)


This section helps me keep track of AfD, prods, copyvios, and other "Come back" work I've initiated. Too bad there isn't an automated way to do this in the Wikipedia UI, huh?

Problem articles[edit]

AfD queue[edit]

Current AfDs

Prod queue[edit]


Speedy queue[edit]


OR Problems[edit]


Copyvio queue[edit]

Notability tags[edit]

Merge queue[edit]


Personal sites[edit]

This is a list of websites I maintain. Or, pay for -- maintain would imply that I work on them:

Notes to self (and maybe you, too!)[edit]

Frequently used Templates
  • {{nofootnote}} for articles with references but not footnotes
  • {{Nonspecific}} for unspecific claims that are too weaselly to verify
  • {{refimprove}} improve references

My machines[edit]

These lists are a little ostentatious; you'll never catch me with something like this in my sig in a forum. But it turns out I actually find it helpful to remember what machines I have, and which are doing what with which parts. I hope you'll indulge me, then.


Machine Operating System Motherboard
or OEM model
Processor(s) Memory OS Disk Storage Disk Video Case Role Build Date
burst Windows Server 2012 R2 Asus Q87M-E/CSM Intel I7-4770K
Passmark 10278
32768 megs 1500 gigs / RAID 1 8000 / RAID 5
8000 / RAID 5
8000 / RAID 5
GeForce GTX 650 LianLi PC-V1200B Domain Controller
SQL Server
carbon Windows 8.1 Professional Lenovo Carbon X1 Intel i7-4600U
Passmark 4161
8192 megs 512 gigs SSD Intel HD laptop Software development 2014-06-03
nuck Windows Server 2012 R2 Supermicro X9SRL-F Intel E5-2630 v2
Passmark 10636
65536 megs 500 gigs SSD
Samsung 840 Pro
GeForce GTX 650 LianLi PC-V1200B Domain Controller 2014-09-18
sled Windows 10 Pro ASUS X99-E WS USB 3.1 Core i7 5960K
Passmark 15986
98304 megs 750 gigs SSD
Samsung 840 Evo
6000 gigs RAID5 GeForce GTX 970 Lian Li PC-2000V Software development 2015-12-10


Machine Operating System Motherboard
or OEM model
Processor(s) Memory OS Disk Storage Disk Video Case Role
apex Windows 7 Ultimate ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution Core i7 965
Passmark 5904
24576 megs 300 gigs RAID1 SAS GeForce GT 630 Lian Li PC-1000V Software development
burner Windows XP Pro SP2 P4C800-E Deluxe Pentium 4
3.2 GHz at 3.36 GHz
2048 megs 120 gigs 500 gigs RADEON 9800 Pro LianLi PC-V1000B eMail, surfing,
media burning
caliper Windows Vista Ultimate Asus G1 Core 2 Duo T7400
2.17 GHz
2048 megs 160 gigs NVIDIA GeForceGo 7700 Laptop mobile gaming,
software development
chicane Windows XP Pro SP2 Intel D845PEBT2 Pentium 4
2.66 GHz
1024 megs 120 gigs 150 gigs
500 gigs / RAID 0
NVIDIA Vanta LianLi PC-V1200B data storage,
curbing Windows Server 2008 SP2 Asus P7P55D Evo Intel i5-750
Passmark 3743
16384 megs 300 gigs / RAID 1 LianLi PC-V1200B Domain Controller
dexter Windows 2008 Server R2 Tyan S2882 Opteron 254 x2
Passmark 693
16384 megs 160 gigs / RAID 1 2300 gigs / RAID 0
1500 gigs / RAID 5
ATI RAGE XL LianLi PC-V2000BplusII Microsoft SQL Server
downstairs Windows XP Pro SP2 Asus P4B533-VM Pentium 4
2.20 GHz
1024 megs 300 gigs NVIDIA 6200 Cooler Master ATCS
Home Theater case
Media, gaming
enduro Windows XP Pro SP2 Asus P5AD2 Deluxe Pentium 4
3.2 GHz at 3.76 GHz
3072 megs 300 gigs NVIDIA 6800 LianLi PC-60BplusII network downloads
cluster processing
gasket Windows Server 2008 SP2 Asus P7P55D Evo Intel i5-750
Passmark 3743
16384 megs 300 gigs / RAID 1 7500 / RAID 5
7500 / RAID 5
5000 / RAID 5
LianLi PC-V1200B Domain Controller
SQL Server
hairpin Windows Vista Ultimate x64 Asus A8N-E Athlon 64 X2 4400+
Passkark 1139
4096 megs 150 gigs 150 gigs
1500 gigs / RAID 5
XFX NVIDIA 8800GTS LianLi PC-V1200B Software development
mikeblas5 Windows Vista Ultimate Asus P4P800 Intel Pentium 4
3.0 GHz
2048 megs 200 gigs 200 gigs RADEON 9550 Generic mini-tower Cluster processing
montoya Windows 2003 Server Dell PowerEdge 600SC Pentium 4
2.4 GHz
1152 megs 150 gigs / RAID 1 1500 gigs / RAID 0 ATI Rage XL Dell mini-tower Domain controller
backup storage
musicroom Windows XP Pro SP2 Asus P4S533 Pentium 4
2.66 GHz
1024 megs 120 gigs RADEON 8500 Generic desktop Music playback
and capture
paddock Windows 2003 Server Tyan S2460 Athlon MP 1800+ x2
Passmark 312
2048 megs 160 gigs 160 gigs RADEON 9600 Chieftech Tower offline
runoff Windows 2003 Server Dell PowerEdge 600SC Pentium 4
2.4 GHz
1664 megs 40 gigs 100 gigs, 100 gigs ATI Rage XL Dell mini-tower Backup domain controller
ISA Server
tread Windows Vista Ultimate Gigabyte EP45-UDP3 Pentium Q9400 8192 megs 250 gigs / RAID 1 320 gigs / RAID 0 LianLi PC-V1200B
mikeb Windows XP Pro SP2 Asus P5W DH Deluxe Core 2 Duo Q6600
2.4 GHz
4096 megs 250 gigs 250 gigs
750 gigs external
9800GTX+ 512 MB Antec Sonata Software development
mikeb64 Windows Vista Business x64 EVGA X58 SLI Core i7 940
2.93 GHz
6144 megs 250 gigs 500 gigs
250 gigs
80 gigs SSD
GTX-280 1 GB Lian Li PC-60 Software development
mikeblas-hp Windows XP Pro SP2 HP Pavilion ze5700 Pentium M
3.0 GHz
1024 megs 60 gigs RADEON IGM 354M Laptop Mobile diagnostics
zinc Windows 10 Pro ASUS P9X79-E WS Core i7 3930K
Passmark 12149
65536 megs 750 gigs SSD
Samsung 840 Evo
6000 gigs RAID5 GeForce GTX 970 Lian Li PC-2000V Software development