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Virender Kapoor

Virender Kapoor is an Indian who wears many hats. An educationist of repute, he was Director of SITM a prestigious management Institute under the Symbiosis umbrella. He later started MILE-Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence located at Pune. Having written books on Information Systems and Telecommunication in the1990’s he shifted his focus towards motivation, Emotional Intelligence, leadership and self help. He has emerged as a leading think tank in human behavior, motivation and success. His name appears with the likes of Thomas Friedman and Dale Carnegie. His contribution towards “igniting passion” in individuals through his book “The Greatest Secret of Success-your Passion Quotient” is note worthy. He brought “Jugaad” –an Indian concept of “getting things done” and “The Indian street smart ethos” into the domain of formal management education. His school books series “I can and I will from class 6 to 12 is the first of its kind to bring Emotional Intelligence to grass root school level. Born: Feb 06, 1951 New Delhi: India Nationality: Indian Occupation: Author,Educationalist, Public Speaker Spouse: Laxmi Kapoor Children: Samir Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor Parents: J R Kapoor and Kaushalya Kapoor Web Site:


A telecommunication Engineer, Kapoor went to do his master in technology in computer science from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and later did his MA in International Relations and strategic studies from University of Pune. He also did his diploma in Marketing Management. Thinker with a difference A versatile writer, he has written on very important subjects in the area of human excellence about which not much has been written. “Passion” a subject so much linked to leadership was an area Kapoor researched and wrote about in his Books. He has given a concrete shape and a worldwide status to the concept of “Jugaad” a native term used by the whole Indian subcontinent and now also being talked about in the western world. This book according to him lets out the secret of India’s success story after Independence. My Honeymoon with a Pinch of Salt is a book about work life balance which gives an important message in a story format. His experiment to write books for school children on Emotional competence is a welcome content in the times of stress mess where school children are committing suicides and going through mental trauma.


1. Battles Field Information Systems was his first book published in 1994, which described the concept of C3I Systems and how they effectively work together as a force multiplier in a battle zone. A complex subject described for a non technical audience. 2. Telecom Today a work spanning more than 700 pages is like an A to Z of Telecom Published in 1998. It describes Telecom technology right from the very basics and builds the blocks upwards to describe most complex communication systems and concepts. Considered an essential for those who are in the exciting field of Telecommunication. 3. Heart Over Matter your Mantra for success-was his first book in the area of human excellence, which got him a huge media coverage and appreciation, comparing his work with that of authors like Dale Carnegie. The coverage of this book is a fine blend of motivation, attitude, relationships and emotions which ultimately lead to success. This book is downright practical, can be related to day to day life and put to use right away. Magazines like The Week have commented that “This book can alter the mind set of people as well as bring about a positive change.” Virender says “If this book cannot change, then nothing can.” It is now available in many regional languages like Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and Gujrati. The author has in his new revised edition coined a term “Emotional Biorhythm” based on individual sun signs, for the readers to assess themselves. 4. The Greatest Secret of Success-your Passion Quotient is a book on the most important ingredient for success .Without passion, one can never be successful is the message. The rich and the famous, the movers and the shakers are not necessarily high school toppers, nor do they hold great college degrees. They are successful because they can generate enthusiasm at will. The author asserts that it is not your IQ but your PQ that will take you to the Pinnacle of Success. This book has been translated in several languages and has inspired many to change their course of life. 5. My Honeymoon with a Pinch of Salt takes a path breaking approach towards work life Balance in today’s dog-eat-dog world. It is a story of a young ambitious couple and their friends. It is contemporary, fast paced and realistic. It shows you a mid path which is the key to fulfillment and happiness. It portrays the all important role of family and parents as an institution which can save any personal crisis. This book has been translated in Marathi. 6. Your Personal Guide to Victory. This book is about the twelve most important qualities that one must possess to attain success. The author benchmarks successful people like M K Gandhi, Albert Einstein and Douglas Macarthur on these twelve qualities to show the importance of these in our lives, and in attaining success. 7. “The art of Effective Leadership” is a book that brings out the leader in you. Here the author comes out with a radically different format by writing short three to four page chapters and reins in those simple ingredients that can make a formidable leader in any walk of life .Very practical, and ready to use this book was released in Sep 2010.It has a unique leadership Barometer to bench mark an individual in the leadership domain. 8. “The rise and rise of Jugaad” is a spectacularly new take on the enigmatic word Jugaad which is used by almost every Indian in the context of “Street smartness” and used by Politicians to Peons, this concept redefines the approach towards life, creativity, innovation and getting things done”-despite the odds one faces on a day to day basis. This book reflects the spirit of India and how Indians have been able to do so well despite all the problems of corruption, population explosion, four major wars, poor governance and so forth. Very forth right and practical a book for the masses shows “How ordinary people became extra ordinarily successful.” This book has been simultaneously released in English and Hindi. 9. “I can and I will” is Kapoor’s series on Emotional Intelligence and crisis Management for school children from class 6 to class 12. First of its kind, it addresses the all important subject of Emotional Intelligence which is essential for our success and well being. When asked he says “It is very difficult to teach EI to a 40 year old person, whose ideas are pretty much fixed by this time.” That is why schools need to adopt this subject so that children can really benefit from this important competence.

Writing Style[edit]

Virender Kapoor has a simple and a very racy style of writing which connects with his readers at the grass root level. He picks up areas or gaps in the subjects which have not been written about. His books are well researched, yet very practical for people to directly benefit from. Motivational Speaker

He is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has addressed and influenced thousands of people positively. He conducts workshops and talk shows on Emotional Competence .

Initiative: MILE[edit]

With the support of corporate, Virender has started a Business School, MILE-Management Institute for Leadership and Excellence which is located at Pune. His aim is to ensure that the institute delivers a 24 carat student product, which is going to hit the ground running as they enter the corporate world. Apart from a good academic rigour, he believes that today’s managers need to be taught leadership skills before they join the industry. Curriculum is full of new ideas, skill sets and a radically different but practical approach to create mangers that can be of good use to the industry in every domain.

Articles and other Contributions[edit]

Virender Kapoor has been writing on the Edit Page of Prestigious news papers like Times of India and Hindustan Times. His articles are on variety of subjects and vary from wit to wisdom in the tenor.

His message Think smart, act smart, work smart but do all that with great passion. The difference between nations and people who are successful and who are not is the difference in their attitude. His advice is to shed that “Saab Chalta Hai” attitude (Anything can be acceptable). And this will take individuals as well as nations to different levels of achievement.


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