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Hello to all Wikipedians and welcome on my user page. Dont hesitate to leave me a message !

Who am I ?[edit]

My identity[edit]

I am a computer engineer and got my degree in 2004. My current work is in a software company for insurance.

I live in Paris with the man of my life, Benoît.

My hobbies[edit]

My favorite animals are cats, though I don't have any at home.

I like to read comics and manga.

I am a fan of science-fiction and fantasy stories. I also write some. My favorite sci-fi authors are Isaac Asimov and Pierre Bordage.

I like rock music, especially the Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2. I also like metal bands like Nightwish or Apocalyptica.

I am a role-playing games addict. My favorite games are Nephilim, Lycéenne RPG and Essentia. I write scenarios for Lycéenne RPG and Nephilim and I master Lycéenne RPG games on Internet.

I also like board games and I always enjoy a game with friends.

Wikipedia and I[edit]

My main contributions are on the French Wikipedia. I also have an account on Wikimedia Commons and upload some pictures to illustrate my articles.

See also[edit]

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  • Milena on Wikimedia Commons