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status: profile is old, but i'm around on occasion.

Milk dancing with glow (colour-tweaked)

Hello world![edit]

Heyo, milk here. I originally caught the wiki bug on WardsWiki and worked on Wikipedia until I decided to excert my energies on projects closer to home. I currently reside in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, Europe, Earth, Sol. I've an HND in audio engineering, spend a fair bit of my time involved with The Forest and Beltane Fire Society plus misc other things. I rather like glowsticks. I am not MilkMan!

Interests and policies[edit]

My main interests on Wikipedia are music genres in general (see WikiProject Music genres), electronic dance music artists and record labels, subcultures and a few misc topics such as content management systems, social centres. My activities range from doing copy editing and linkifying to refactoring and article creation, and I would generally class myself as an inclusionist with semantic mediawiki tendencies and my WPT as power user. You can occasionally find me on freenode as milk [1]. Actually scratch that, I can't be arsed being a Wikiholic any more though sometimes bother making edits and occasionally lurk in #wikipedia-en. Update; Nowdays I participate when I have time.

Guidelines and policies I'd recommend new users check out; WP:WHY, WP:BOLD, WP:POINT, WP:1RR, WP:3RR, WP:PEACOCK, WP:WEASEL, WP:GOOG, WP:BREAK, WP:L, WP:ESL. Also check out this, this and this.

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