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I am male, American, 50-something, of European ancestry, and married. I am humanistic but authoritarian, atheistic but moral. I have a keen appreciation of what is not my problem, and that generally includes whatever yours is. And, in the words of JackofOz, what people think of me is none of my business. My guiding principle is "Let's eat first, then we'll talk." I do Wikipedia for fun. I copyedit a lot.

That Babel thing over there about my French is insufficiently accurate. I read French just fine with the aid of my trusty Petit Larousse. I used to speak it fairly well, well enough to dream in French, but that was a long time ago. I can make heads or tails of spoken French if you talk slow and shout. I can't write it to save my life, never could.

Come to think of it, the bit about my English needs beefing up. I do American English, but I'm quite familiar with British English, too.

Join my crusade to sell Alaska back to Russia on a break-even basis now that we're friends.

Affamoopa. Don't ask.

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