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I am a Biology graduate from the University of Nottingham and am currently studying for my PhD in Plant Pathology. I work on the molecular basis of phytoplasma diseases, including how phytoplasmas cause phyllody.

Articles I plan (the best laid plans of mice and men) to work on include those in the areas of plant pathology, molecular biology, genetics, actors and whatever take my fancy. I will also probably trek around adding plot summaries to any books I have particularly enjoyed.

Because taxonomists are often the bane of my life, I also create redirect pages for synonyms of species names. Hopefully this will help other clueless biologists like me.

I am not very good at spelling and grammar, and have user:lipwig proof read articles after I have made major edits to them. I always appreaciate people beta-reading my articles.

I'm happy to upload pictures I have taken and also those that constitute fair use and adding fair use rationales to screenshots as well. I get an odd enjoyment out of resizing images in Non-free Wikipedia file size reduction request.

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(You know you're addicted to editing wikipedia when you accidentally start putting square brackets round half the words you type, even when your not on the website)


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