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If you are a confused trekkie, please see Unimatrix; more likely, you're looking for Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One.
If you are being used as a bioelectric and thermal energy source, you may be trapped in the matrix.

Mindmatrix (also Wiki Nazi Police, Big Jerk-Face, and Minister of being a poo poo head) is an administrator of "proven sang froid"[1] on the English-language Wikipedia, a privilege first received by the user on December 4, 2005 subsequent to a request for adminship.[2][3]

Known to inhabit the Greater Toronto Area, Mindmatrix tends to focus on contributing geography- and Canada-related information. However, Mindmatrix does not limit contributions to just this field, having edited articles about the natural and social sciences, technology, and culture, and infrequently edits on Wikimedia Commons and Wiktionary. Mindmatrix limits contributions to those that can be incontrovertibly supported with reliable references and other support material.[citation needed]

Preferring an autodidactic lifestyle, the attention-averse[4] Mindmatrix seeks knowledge in all fields.

Technical proficiency[edit]

Mindmatrix has alluded to proficiency as a programmer and system administrator[5], seeming to favour the FreeBSD operating system, PostgreSQL relational database system, and the Perl programming language, running web services with Apache. Mindmatrix has also indicated testing the Postfix MTA and Asterisk PBX, and is still waiting for Perl 6.

Wiki Nazi Police[edit]

Geheimes Staatspolizei-Amt. According to anonymous Wikipedia users, Mindmatrix is part of a secretive organization known as Wiki Nazi Police.

A number of editors, often newbies and anonymous users, have variously criticized Mindmatrix.

In November 2005, anonymous poster took exception to Mindmatrix's habit of using Canadian spelling in articles.[6] Although Mindmatrix had remained neutral on the usage of licence versus license on the OpenBSD article, the anonymous poster perceived a bias. Mindmatrix attempted to clarify the situation by encouraging the user to discuss changes on the article's talk page.[7]

The anonymous poster retorted by referring to Mindmatrix as a Wiki Nazi Police[8] In a strongly-worded response, Mindmatrix indicated that the anonymous user wasn't a "particularly clever troll", and replying to the comment of being ignored by the anonymous poster, "You're going to ignore me? Thank goodness for that!",[9] leaving the edit summary see ya. In a humorous twist, Maclean25, the next user to leave a message on Mindmatrix's talkpage, cheekily referred to Mindmatrix as a "Wiki Nazi Police"[10]

The Pembroke affair[edit]

In the first few weeks of May 2006, anonymous users and repeatedly added links to an online forum on the Pembroke, Ontario article. Those changes were reverted by Mindmatrix, and subsequently other editors. As a result, Mindmatrix's user page and articles with major contributions by Mindmatrix were vandalized, as significant portions of those articles were blanked. Affected article included King City, Ontario[11], Ansnorveldt, Ontario[12], Happy Valley, York Regional Municipality, Ontario[13], Wild Strawberries (band)[14], Oak Ridges Moraine[15], Vaughan—King—Aurora[16], and Ontario Nature[17].


An anonymous user threatened to put Mindmatrix in a hospital, perhaps this one.

In early July, 2006, Mindmatrix became subject to a series of increasingly nasty comments, and ultimately a threat of personal injury, as a result of a number of edits generally perceived to be conducting "janitorial" work on Wikipedia.

Anonymous user second contribution began with a question, "You got nothin better to do but to go around and act like some kind of authority on the net.???"[18] Dismissing the questions, Mindmatrix proceeded to address other issues raised by the user. To the statement "And King is such a small town. Almost anybody knows everybody", Mindmatrix replied "That's patently absurd bullshit. There are 20,000 people that live in the township (not town)."[19] Of course, Mindmatrix was just estimating, since the 2001 Canada census indicates 18,533 inhabitants[20], and York Region's planning department cite a January 2006 estimate of 20,190 residents in the township.[21]

In that same message, the anonymous user referred to Mindmatrix as a "dOrk". Oddly, the user also commented that "Im gonna walk around saying ur nick Mindmatrix all over the place..."[18], to which Mindmatrix sardonically replied, "And you think I'm the dork?"[19] The user finished the message with the implication of a threat, "I will stick MY nose in your business.. But when i do.... You wont be makin anymore edits for a while."[18]

After Mindmatrix' reply to that message, a more ominous and severe threat was issued by the anonymous user. In a posting to Mindmatrix' talk page, titled MFer just Try me[22], the anonymous user posted a photograph of a dead rat and the note "Take a hint. I dno how tough you think you are, but you're dealing with some serious people here." The dysfunctional and somewhat misogynistic message continued, "if you think im affreid of prison or of you belive me IM NOT. Ill go back to jail, and ill wake up every morning smiling, knowing you're in a hospital paralized from the neck down and learning how to eat solid foods and to walk again." The message closed with, "Ill show you civil you clueless little punk. F*CK YOU! <--- Is this clear enough for you.? P*ssy."

Mindmatrix indicated a lack of interest in the anonymous user's Schadenfreude[23], and to date is still capable of eating solid foods.[citation needed] [original research?]

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