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The New Ninjago[edit]


Season 1: 2012[edit]

|} ===Season 2: 2012-2013

1 "The New Ninjas" July 12, 2012
Sensei Wu (who is invisible at this point) forms Kai, A Butcher, Jay, A Man in a Lizard Costume, Zane, A Computer Programmer, and Cole, A Jungle Boy together as a ninja group so they can fight his evil brother Lord Garmadon who dosent show up until Season 3 or 4.
2 "The Snakes" July 12, 2012
The Ninjas fight the snakes.
3 "Rattlin" July 12, 2012
Fangtom and Fangdom unleash Rattla, member of the Hypnobrai so the ninja have to defeat him and Fangdom and Fangtom but Rattla hypnotizes Zane who gets the antidote.
4 "Skales" July 12, 2012
The ninja meet Skales who is the General of the Hypnobrai. They have to fight him save their lives from him getting the fangblades so he can unleash the great devourer.
5 "Spitta Unleashed" July 12, 2012
Spitta is unleashed and Spitta is the second strongest in the group he is very fierce and it is hard for the ninja to destroy him and the rest.
6 "The Sword of Fire" July 22, 2012
Kai has to find the sword of fire.
7 "Snappin Snappa & Lizaru" July 22, 2012
Snappa and Lizaru are Unleashed.
8 "Who is The Green Ninja?" August 2, 2012
The Ninja find Lloyd who is a school boy who trains in tae kwon do. They accidently drop their golden weapons in front of him and they react finding out his is the green ninja.
9 "Training Lloyd" August 5, 2012
The Ninja train Lloyd to become the Green Ninja and fight his father
10 "Against Lloyd" August 5, 2012
The ninja fight Lloyd for his approval to train him.
11 "Lloyd vs. Snakes" August 12, 2012
Lloyd fights the snakes.
12 "Ninja vs. Trash Pack" October 7, 2012
The ninja fight the evil trash pack.
13 "Ninja Fight for Whats Right Part 1" August 19, 2012
The ninja have to fight a ton of evil villians to be rewarded with a prize.
14 "Ninja Fight for Whats Right Part 2" August 19, 2012
The ninja continue their fight.
15 "The Horse" August 22, 2012
The ninjas farting horse goes nuts.
16 "Horsey Go Bye, Bye" August 22, 2012
The ninja give away their horse.
17 "Lloyd goes Missing" August 26, 2012
Lloyd goes missing and the ninja have to find him.
18 "Ninja Fight for Whats Right, in the Car Part 1" August 30, 2012
The ninja have a meeting in the car.
19 "Ninja Fight for Whats Right, in the Car Part 2" August 30, 2012
The ninja fight obstacles in the car.
20 "Stinkhole" August 31, 2012
The ninja go in the stinkhole.
21 "Ninja Championship" August 31, 2012
The ninja enter the Ninja Championship race.
22-23 "Ninja Finale" August 31, 2012

The ninja finish Lloyds training.

Note: This is the Season Finale
24-25 "The Ninja are Back" August 31, 2012

The ninja return and face all new challenges.

Note: This is the Season Preimere
26 "Lloyd vs. Jay vs. Kai vs. Cole vs. Zane" September 1, 2012
The ninja have a prank war.
27 "Back to the Stinkhole" September 1, 2012
The ninja go back in the stinkhole.
28 "True Potentials are Unlocked" September 6, 2012
When Zane & Cole unlock their True Potential by fighting a robot and a bat and Lloyd, Jay, and Kai are jealous.
29 "The Green Ninja Falls" September 6, 2012
Jay throws Lloyd by accident and Lloyd falls in to a coma. Jay tries to kill himself for doing it and the ninja have to stop him.
30 "Lloyd Gets Older" September 8, 2012
Lloyd gets older by finnaly defeating Kai.
31 "Return of the Snakes" September 11, 2012
The snakes return.
32 "Undercover Ninja" September 11, 2012
Jay, Kai, and Lloyd go undercover working for the snakes.
33 "Return of Frakjaw" October 21, 2012
Frakjaw comes back for his revenge on Kai for defeating him the last time
34 "The Fangblades" November 3, 2012
The ninja hunt for the fangblades.
35 "The Portal" November 3, 2012
The ninja go out looking for the portal.
36 "Through the Portal" November 4, 2012
The ninja go through the portal finding the snakes holding Cole and their weapons captaive. The ninja must fight the snakes in order to get there weapons back. The ninja defeat the snakes and escape with Cole and their weapons.
37 "Snake Destoyers" November 4, 2012
The ninja try to teach Lloyd 5 person spinjitzu but fail trying to teach him. Meanwhile the snakes come back and Jay and Kai have to take care of it while Cole and Zane have to train with Lloyd. Kai and Jay fight over a new weapon they find.
38 "The Snake Brawl" November 6, 2012
The snakes are fighting each other and the ninja are also fighting over a cool diamond they found.
39 "The Danger" December 17, 2012
The Danger starts to grow when the ninja find an acid pit.
40-41 "Lloyd the Knight" December 18, 2012

A final face-off turns Lloyd into a knight, Kai cut in half, and Jay knocked out.

Note: This is the Season Finale
42-43 "Evil Takes Its Place" December 25, 2012

Lord Garmadon is here and gives the ninja more evil than they've taken on before. Sensei Wu also helps the ninja fight new snakes they havent fought before.

Note: This is the Season Premiere
44 "Spinner Battle" December 27, 2012
The ninja have a spinner battle which leaves Kai crazy because he didnt win a battle, Jay speechless, Zane in a coma, Cole frustrated, and Lloyd just bummed out.
45 "The Devourer" March 7, 2013
The ninja must fight the great devourer.
46 "The Rise of the Stone Army" April 1, 2013
47 "The Special Machine" April 2, 2013
43 "No More Mr. Knife Guy" October 1, 2010
After a brief argument with a piece of ginger over whether he has a soul, Orange encounters Knife. He[clarification needed] discusses the difficulty of his life while Pear plays with a Ouija board. In the end, Knife reveals his greatest fear: a knife sharpener.
44 "Happy Birthday!" October 8, 2010
Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, and a lime throw a surprise birthday party for Orange.
45 "The Exploding Orange" October 15, 2010
Orange learns what happens when a fruit gets the hiccups as a kiwi explodes. Orange then gets the hiccups himself. Smosh guest stars.
46 "Frankenfruit" October 29, 2010
Pear and Midget Apple tell ghost stories for Halloween. The characters from their stories come to life, thanks in part to a vengeful Grapefruit and a cursed hot dog named "Halloweenie."
47 "Theme Song Attack" November 5, 2010
Orange finds out that Pear, Marshmallow, Midget Apple, Knife, and even a plum have theme songs, so he has Marshmallow and Midget Apple write him one.
48 "The Annoying Pear" November 12, 2010
Orange is sick, so Pear has to be annoying in his place. However, he can only successfully anger Passion and make a turnip cry by calling him a "fat radish."
49 "Viral Vote" November 19, 2010
Pear announces a contest for the fans to vote on which viral videos they want to see Orange and his friends in.
50 "Orange After Dentist" November 22, 2010
The first video of the contest is a parody of "David After Dentist," in which Orange gets loopy on medicine after getting his teeth whitened.
51 "Kitchen Intruder" November 23, 2010
"Bed Intruder Song" is the second viral video to be parodied. A nectarine almost gets cut by Knife, and Orange portrays Antoine Dodson and performs the "Kitchen Intruder Song."
52 "Sneezing Marshmallow" November 24, 2010
The third video of the contest parodies "The Sneezing Baby Panda." Marshmallow takes the role of the panda cub who sneezes so hard and loud he scares Orange, who takes on the mother panda role.
53 "Annoying Orange Meets Charlie the Unicorn" November 25, 2010
The fourth video of the contest is a parody of "Charlie the Unicorn." Orange and Marshmallow see a rainbow and make Charlie take them, along with Pear and Midget Apple, to the end of the rainbow to get the pot of gold.
54 "Equals Annoying Orange" November 26, 2010
The fifth video of the contest is Ray William Johnson's "Equals Three." Orange showcases the other four winning videos and comments on them.
55 "Full Kitchen Intruder Song" December 3, 2010
The full music video for the "Kitchen Intruder Song"
56 "Mystery of the Mustachios" December 10, 2010
Orange and Pear meet five pistachios who wear fake mustaches to avoid being eaten.