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I truly appreciate the existence of wikipedia, and am happy to contribute my skills to it. I am listing my areas of expertise here. Feel free to request a review or edits on any of these topics. Minicruller (talk) 17:22, 16 December 2008 (UTC)

Areas of Expertise[edit]


I know far too much about my favorite brass instrument and those who play it. This includes construction and function, custom work, accessories, manufacturers, and the relevant physics involved. (I also know quite a bit about cornets and flugelhorns, and have some knowledge of the historical predecessors of today's modern trumpet.)


My undergraduate degree is in the field of mathematics, specifically applied probability and statistics.

Computers, Networking, and the Internet[edit]

I built my first computer in 1986, connected my first network in 1991, and created my first website in 1996. Since 2001 I have held an advanced information security certification.

Writing and Editing[edit]

I enjoy writing AND editing, and during the completion of my undergraduate and masters degrees gained a great deal of experience in both. During the first decade of my post graduate school career, in the course of my employment with a world reknowned economist, I wrote expert witness testimony on a variety of topics.