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Articles Created

Advanced Civilization board game

Alexander the Great (2nd Edtion)

Anzio (game)

Afrika Korps (game)

Air Assault on Crete

Bill Zaring

Bobby Meeks

California Roadster Association

Combat results table

D-Day (game)


Franky G

Harry Stockman

List of Pantheists

Magic Realm

Paul Harrison (pantheist)

Perry Grimm

So-Cal Speed Shop

Tactics II

Ventura Raceway

Vic Edelbrock

Vic Edelbrock, Jr.

Victory in the Pacific

Major Edits

Adam Grossman, Constant Chevillon, Craps, Gilmore Stadium, List of colors, Printing, SEMA, Uncommon Valor, William Gargan

Minor Edits

1776 (game), Ace of Aces, Acquire, Adobe Photoshop, Advanced Squad Leader, Age of Renaissance, Air Medal, Arcology, Armed Forces Service Medal, Avalon Hill, Bill Vukovich, Blade Runner, Board game, Bonneville Speedway, Chuck Yeager, Civilization, Classical Pantheism, Cluedo, Compression ratio, Computer to plate, Diplomacy (game), Disneyland, Dongtan, Dungeons & Dragons, Elves (Middle-earth), Walt Faulkner, Flag, Knott's Berry Farm, iBook, Illuminati, Legion of Merit, list of board wargames, List of Puerto Ricans, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (film), Monopoly (game), Napoleon (game), NASA Exceptional Service Medal, New moon, New town, Nike, Inc., Nitrous, Paintball, Pantheism, Pantheist Vision, Polyhedral Dice, Risk (game), RollerCoaster Tycoon, Darrell Russell (drag racer), The Russian Campaign, SEMA, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Smokey Yunick, Squad Leader, Stratego, Syd Mead, Torrance, California, Vietnam Service Medal, Bill Vukovich, Rodger Ward, Trade, Wargaming, World Pantheist Movement, Zaragoza

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