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Fascist bias on Croatian Wikipedia[edit]

My meta user page.

Ongoing discussions:

MediaWiki Extensions[edit]

Several years ago I've started work on a MediaWiki Extensions. Please visit my user page at MediaWiki for the details.


A section for the Homo sapiens page: User:Miranche/Science and mathematics

Source for Adriana:

See Category:Barnstar award templates


Here are a few useful page summaries I made for something called a lab notebook -- I'll keep them around but since WP is not a free host I'll probably eventually ask to have them deleted:

These are edited so they can be easily printed on 1 or 2 pages. If anyone can let me know how to make the Contents box not appear at all I'll be most thankful.

Graffiti from not-so-random users[edit]

Whoever knows more about me can add a word or two...

Please contribute![edit]

I will edit :) Brilliant, formerly most inteligent Yugoslavian, now a member of Wiki team - team for mathematical analysis of Wikipedia :P

hello dear! me started work on wiki;) bits and pieces for now but I'm gaining momentum... and a word or two 'bout you: mathematician doing social science is always a bit fishy but you're OK;)) seriously now - miranche is a great guy... --Boszko2 11:28, 5 July 2006 (UTC)