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no Denne brukeren/brukaren har norsk som morsmål.
nl Deze gebruiker heeft het Nederlands als moedertaal.
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I'm Mirithing. You'll most likely find me editing a little here and there when I have something meaningful to contribute, and fixing typos and style errors. That, and removing vandalism - vandalism bugs me endlessly (it's not quite as bad as finding someone using marker pen to deface a paper encyclopaedia, but it's still wrong). Any issues with me? Tell me! Please do - my talk page looks awfully lonely. I do not like to remain in the dark about my mistakes. I also appreciate random messages, should you get the urge. (Speaking of urge... My preferred source of sugar and caffeine, Urge, is only available in Norway. Nom!)

About me: I'm in my twenties, female, and am a Norwegian University of Science and Technology alumna. My towel's name is Miro, and my shawl has a Brown fringe. (Duh! ^^) The username ("Mirithing", or just "thingy") is a nickname given to me by a somewhat quirky Australian internet person called Fraz, and I consider it suitably unique to be easily recognisable in a mass of editors should anyone come looking for me. Also, it's proof that I survived a meeting with one of those creepy "internet people".