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The Oshiwambo traditional storage basket which is commonlly known as Eshisha in Namibia, came many generations and will most likely to be seen around for many to come. Eshisha is in an oval shape which is about 2metres long is made up of brantches and embale(which ties the branches together),while some are made up of branches,embale and covered with clay to avoid the Mahangu from going bad and it is placed on 4 to 6 poles that are few metres above the ground,but as time changes,technology also changes.


A plastic manufacturer came up with an idea of making Eshisha in plastic and in the year 2009,TheMinistry of Agriculture gave out this plastic Eshisha in the Omusati region. The plastic Ehisha is between 2 to 3metres long,brown in colour and many [traditional farmers]] find this modern Eshisha more efficient compared to the traditonal one and not only does the modern Eshisha prevent the Mahangu from going bad,it keeps it fresh for a longer period and famers do not have to worry about storing a large amount of Mahangu that will later go bad.[1]The traditional Eshisha required people to climb up a ladder in order to collect Mahangu because it only has one big opening that is situated at the top of the Eshisha,while the plastic Eshisha are designed with a hole(acting like a tap) at the sides that can be opened and closed to collect Mahangu while still standing at ground level.


Traditional Eshisha

  1. Not weather proof
  2. Requires pysical labour to build it
  3. Limited space for storing
  4. Shorter life span

Plastic Eshisha

  1. Weather proof
  2. Requires mechanical labour to build it
  3. Large space for storing
  4. Longer life span


The Government is looking forward to producing new traditional products that will make life easier for traditional farmers.Farmers in Omusati region that received the plastic Eshisha are very pleased to have obtained this new product because they no longer have to worry about their Mahangu going bad after it has been stored because the newplastic Eshisha has improved all those short-comings of the traditional Eshisha.