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Valedictorian, Coquille H.S., 1979.
B.S. Engineering Physics, Oregon State University, 1984.
Work experience:
  • Systems Analyst/Program Manager, 5 ys, Edwards AFB
  • Instrumentation and Control Engineer 1.5 yr CH2M-Hill
  • Sole Proprietor, Irwin Consulting, 10 yr
Discontinued, peaked at 12 working computer professionals, Systems Analysts, CAD, Animation & Multimedia
Currently: At liberty. Studying commercial opportunities in free/open paradigms with a view towards engineering resources or projects.
Next: TBD
Wikipedia Contributor since 5 Feb 2002

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Personal notes: "Equatorial Orbit" Possibly writeup some common orbits and how they are typically used .... much of this is currently buried in various satellite articles. Worth refactoring and adding duplicate information in other places?

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