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Who is MissLindsie?

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A note from Lindsie Starr


Lindsie Starr (born May 6, 1985) is an American community college student who loves wrestling. She cites that her current favorite wrestlers are Chris Hero and Tim Donst as what she says on her twitter page.[1] While she is not at Mercer County Community College, she is on her blogs saga of mostly of wrestling, fan fiction, poems,some community college advice, and reviews of foods, drinks, restaurants, and products. She used to be a WWE fan for 14 years, until November 8th, 2013, after watching an episode of Haven that features Adam Copeland, Lindsie discovers that her favorite wrestler, Chris Hero got released from WWE.

Lindsie's views of WWE before November 8th, 2013[edit]

The Begining[edit]

Lindsie remembers watching WWE as far as 1999. She recalls that watching RAW and remembered the Memorial show for Nattie Neidhart's uncle, Owen Hart, who had died from an accident at a WWE PPV. Lindsie recalls that her favorite WWE Superstars at that time were Jeff Jarrett, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H. As the years go by, she changes who she likes.


Lindsie's most memories that she knew of when John Cena, Candice Michelle, and Lance Cade were her primarily favorites. She was very happy, but things change when the three has got injured in 2007, with Cena out first with an injury that was sustain by Randy Orton, but also believes that Mr. Kennedy was also cause Cena's injury. After that, Candice suffer a neck injury at the hands of one Beth Phoenix on an episode of RAW. Both Cena's and Candice's injuries took place in October of 2007. A few months later, Lance Cade had his shoulder separated at a house show. Lindsie was very sad about it.

Even though, all three of them return in 2008, it was then that Candice re-injured herself. Lindsie did get upset over that her favorite diva got injured again. However, she was glad that both Cena and Cade returning. As the months go on in 2008, Lindsie was stun as Cade attack his tag team partner, Trevor Murdoch and gone align himself with Chris Jericho. Lindsie has a rough time watching this, but, she was hoping for Lance Cade to become a singles wrestler and obtain gold. Sadly, WWE released Cade in October of 2008, with his last appearance on RAW, getting his butt kicked by Shawn Michaels, who used to train him.


NXT Competition show[edit]

Lindsie was really supported of some wrestlers, but things came out when she learn of WWE's developmental brand, Florida Championship Wrestling. Lindsie learn of one wrestler that goes by the name, Justin Angel. She learned that he used Candice Michelle's remix entrance music, but re-modify for him. Also there were other wrestlers she like, once WWE's show, NXT came on the Syfy network in 2010. She original favor Justin Angel, now renamed as Justin Gabriel, but, in time of the competition, she like Wade Barrett, especially when it came to be when Barrett won and started off as his debut on the RAW roster as the leader of a group, called The Nexus. While Lindsie was seeing of the first season of NXT as heel wrestlers, Lindsie continues to see NXT, despite WWE move the show to online format, even though, it was very hard to watch.

Cade gone. Candice a mother?[edit]

Between the first season of NXT and the Nexus storyline that have their first PPV at Summerslam, Lindsie was in shock of what happened. Around May, after Lindsie's 25th birthday, Lindsie was startled that in learning that Candice Michelle gave birth to her first daughter, AkiaAnne Rose on the day of Owen Hart's death. Another shocking thing happened around August. Lindsie woke up on a Friday afternoon (August 13) and learn on twitter that Lance Cade has pass away. She learn that from Shannon Moore, who used to wrestle on the WWE roster. Lindsie was hit hard.

Cesaro, Ohno, and Del Ray: The Kings of Wrestling[edit]

However, after a really change and finding out that AJ Lee is from Lindsie's home state of New Jersey, Lindsie had a interest in WWE Superstar,Antonio Cesaro and somehow his past that involves with (Now change to from Florida Championship Wrestling) NXT Superstar, Kassius Ohno, as Lindsie learns that they were once known in the independent scene as Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) and Chris Hero (Ohno), a tag team, named, The Kings of Wrestling. Lindsie really refused calling them Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno, unless she was on twitter. Lindsie learns that she also liking of their valet, now trainer for WWE NXT, Sara Del Ray. Lindsie learned a whole lot and wishes for the three to reunite under the WWE banner, but sadly, that won't happen.

The reason why was due to Del Ray being a trainer, Ohno being a NXT Superstar, and Cesaro teaming up with Jack Swagger. Lindsie feels that Swagger can't be a great tag team partner for Cesaro.

Lindsie ends up keeping tabs on Cesaro and Ohno. Her favorite match from Ohno was against William Regal. As for Cesaro, her favorite match is by winning the US Champion.

Lindsie's views of WWE after November 8th, 2013[edit]

Lindsie swears off that she is no longer watching WWE[edit]

After the release of Chris Hero, Lindsie swears that she is no longer watching WWE and says, "It's just a lot of bull they done by releasing him" The truth was reveal by Chris is that they had nothing for him, which it goes of debunking of the rumor that Chris was release by not being in shape.

The tweet to Chris Hero[edit]

On November 14th, 2013, Lindsie decided to tweet to Chris Hero after she saw a twitter user tweeted to him. So, with a friend's confidence, Lindsie tweeted to Chris. To her surprise, Chris tweeted right back to her with an happy emoticon ( :) ) It made Lindsie's day.

Lindsie Starr tweets to Chris Hero and Chris tweets back to her

The first indys match[edit]

Lindsie watch on iPPV for Florida Underground Wrestling. It was Chris Hero vs. Jesus DeLeon. Hero beat DeLeon, but, got Lindsie lost in the process after some shaking his booty.

Chris Hero vs. Tim Donst[edit]

Lindsie had to vote for a match for Absolute Intense Wrestling to who Chris would be facing. She worries that it would be Tim Donst, but sure enough, that is who she voted for. At Absolute Intense Wrestling's Hell on Earth Nine, Tim announced that he would be facing against Chris at their final show of 2013, Dead Presidents.

On December 27th, 2013, Tim Donst beat Chris Hero via pinfall. After the match, Chris cut a shaky promo that no one could tell if it was a heel or face promo. Chris said that what happened to Tim now then how he was then that he would never end up defeating Chris as he did in their match. Chris said that they have un-finished business as a waiting for a re-match is in the works. Before Chris left, he and Tim hug and told Tim to get better as Tim had a fever before wrestling.

TNA Wrestling[edit]

the beginning[edit]

It was sometime in 2006, Lindsie remembered watching TNA Wrestling, due to Jeff Jarrett. However, she haven't made a full time until 2008. Since then, she feels that watching this is really good and an alternative to any TV show Thursday Night.

Austin Starr...nope, it's Austin Aries[edit]

The origin of Lindsie Starr and why does it have to do with Austin Aries?[edit]

Lindsie's last name is an alias, which, she uses since 2012. She came up with it as her first person was on her mind was Austin Aries, which under his first run in TNA Wrestling as Austin Starr or The Austin Starr. Lindsie felt that it would work.

Austin Aries, the Greatest Man That Ever Lived, won't tweet back to Lindsie Starr! :([edit]

Lindsie learns that Austin Aries' real name is Daniel Healy Solwold Jr. (Born April 15, 1978) and she also know that his mother's name is Diane, due to her sharing photos of his reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion on Facebook as the photos were posted on there. Lindsie knows that Aries uses his real middle name as part of things like his twitter name display as Austin Healy Aries.[2] Lindsie really tried to tweet to him, but, felt it was pointless. However, Lindsie stop following Austin Aries after a line that he said to Hulk Hogan's daughter, Brooke that Lindsie felt it was inappropriate to say to a 25 year old and say it in front of her own father. If Aries said that to Lindsie, the two would be sleeping together!

Lindsie's knowledge of Chris Hero and Tim Donst[edit]

Chris Hero[edit]

Lindsie knows by sources, that Chris Hero's real name is Chris Spradlin (Born December 24, 1979)and she also knows that he has been wrestling for 15 years. She has idolize him since NXT became a WWE Developmental System and show on Hulu in 2012 as he was on there from June of 2012 to November 8th, 2013. Lindsie is hoping that one day the two will meet (and maybe follow her on twitter). Lindsie learns that Chris has been a four time IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion, a two time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion, a two time Combat Zone Wrestling tag team champion, a Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas (Spanish for Double Champions,but it's their tag team titles) with Claudio Castagnoli, a Combat Zone Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, and a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion that lasted for 425 days. Lindsie is very proud that Chris is currently the Evolve Champion after he defeated AR Fox.

Chris is loyal to Duke University[edit]

Lindsie learns that Chris is a huge Duke University Blue Devils Mens Basketball team, since he was a boy. Lindsie got into the team since last season. She is a little bit jealous that he went to a Duke game, but, she could not find him in the crowd! :( Lindsie has a strong feeling about Chris' favorite player on the team, Jabari Parker would help the team to win this season and the next three season.

Tim Donst[edit]

Lindsie have been followed by Tim Donst on twitter a few days before WWE's Summerslam weekend 2013. She ends up following him, since then. Lindsie had a eerie feeling on what his real name. According to wikipedia, they claim that it's Timothy Donst, but sources by CageMatch [3], a mySpace account [4], and a tag of a photo of Tim Donst with Kobald[5] proves that Tim's real name is Mike Hopes (Born October 17, 1987). Lindsie feels that Tim has grown on her, since they follow each other.


Regular Blog[edit]

Lindsie's regular blog contains entries of mostly wrestling. But, on some occasions she talks about the news or bitcoin. [6]

Fan Fiction[edit]

Lindsie has a fan fiction blog at Her stories contains of Chris Hero, Tim Donst, Austin Aries, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, and Seth Rollins as the main male characters, while her female characters are her twitter friends, Valentyna, Dominique, and Naomi, as well as Lindsie herself is a character.

Lindsie Starr the character[edit]

As a character in her own fan fiction, she is a love interest of either Chris Hero, Tim Donst, or even Austin Aries as they are also her love interest too in the fan fiction. Somehow she has children with them.

Lindsie's offsprings characters[edit]

With Chris Hero

Crystal Lynn: Crystal Lynn is the older daughter of Chris Hero and Lindsie Starr. Lindsie would describe her as a young girl with blonde hair who loves her parents very much and never cause trouble. Lindsie came up with the name as to represent Chris and herself.
Alexander Louis: Alexander Louis is the young son of Chris Hero and Lindsie Starr. Lindsie would describe him as a reminder of Lindsie's brother, Jonathan, but, more of Chris. Lindsie came up with the name as in memory of Chris' manager, Larry Sweeney (First name is Alexander).

With Austin Aries

Daniel: Daniel is the older son of Austin Aries and Lindsie Starr. Lindsie would describe him as a cute kid with black hair and always wanted to be like his father. Lindsie came up the name after Austin Aries's real name.
Anne: Anne is the young daughter of Austin Aries and Lindsie Starr. Lindsie would describe her as a blonde baby who will love her parents and her older brother, Daniel. Lindsie came up to the name after a friend that Lindsie knows through twitter.

With Tim Donst

Amanda: Amanda is the daughter of Tim Donst and Lindsie Starr. Lindsie describes her as the hope of Tim Donst and herself.
Friends' offspring characters[edit]

Dominique and Seth Rollins

Xavier: Xavier is the son of Seth Rollins and Lindsie's friend Dominique. Lindsie describes him as having black hair, but skin is a little bit lighter then Dominique's.


Lindsie's poems are very unique in a way. Mostly of her poems are subject by what happened to her or wrestling, namelessly Chris Hero. [7]



Where to find Lindsie Starr and her works?[edit]