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Hello! A note to image deleters:[edit]

I believe in ADDING to Wikipedia. Unlike some users who have nothing better to do than delete things on here, I only ADD images, and rarely, information. I believe if you're going to delete an image, you should be uploading a better one, or leave it alone. Respect the efforts of others...they at least took the time to contribute, whereas you, by being an "armchair deleter" are taking away...and doing it only to suit your whims. I think there are far too many deleters on here. But I suppose in order to have a free Wikipedia with meaningful contributions, we must suffer unwarranted deletions from non-contributers as well.

Correcting bad grammar or factual mistakes is one thing, but deleting images is a bit more aggressive and invasive. How about moving them to a gallery at the bottom of the page instead?

Remember that no one person's additions, deletions or edits are meant to be gospel, or the alpha and omega...and there is always the "undo" link to revert and correct any bad edits or unwarranted deletions.

Please add something meaningful or leave it alone!

About Me[edit]

Since 1976 I've been a photographer by trade, having been a Photographer's Mate in the U.S. Navy. I've worked at and managed photo labs in Maine, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. and London, England, and I've seen much of the world. I will continue to add my images to least the ones I feel will be a credit to their articles or pages. I will continue to replace existing images with my own, if I truly feel mine are better than the images already there. Feel free to use them how you will...I know they're mine, and that's all that matters to me. I like to share :)

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Images I have added to Wikipedia:[edit]

Whitby, UK 2004[edit]

Goathland, UK 2004[edit]

Thirsk, UK 2004[edit]

London, UK[edit]

Warwick, UK[edit]

New York, NY 2005[edit]

Leeds Castle, UK 2004[edit]

Maine, USA[edit]

York, UK 2004[edit]