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mankind This user supports the use of gender-neutral language.
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This user thinks that too many people have no idea how to use words that they should have learned in grade two.
This user thinks that there are too many people who don’t know that they're worse than their own children at spelling!
’s Thi's user know's that not every word that end's with s need's an apostrophe and will remove misused apostrophe's from Wikipedia with extreme prejudice.
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Hi, I'm an editor back after a hiatus. My main interest is improving the flow and citations of niche projects, as time permits. Articles and projects I'm currently working on / interested in improving include:

Strangely enough, many of my interests appear to have very weak Wikipedia articles. Esoteric taste in areas often ignored by serious scholarship?

Comments, requests for help and/or suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks to EncMstr for helping me when I first started.


Basic Facts About Me In Conjunction with UserBoxes[edit]

This user is an intermediate PHP Coder.
Klickety Cuffs.png This user uses Microsoft Windows under duress.
NewTux.svg This user contributes using Linux.
Stock alarm.svg Because of real life, this user will be editing on and off.
  • I strongly believe in the correct usage of homonyms
  • Languages I know to varying degrees of fluency include (in order): English, Cantonese, and Mandarin
    • I believe in the aggressive cleanup of English language articles with foreign language vocabulary, according to Wikipedia guidelines on this matter. (Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find this article again for quick reference; if anyone has the link for it, that would be great.)
  • My browser of choice is Google Chrome, but I have used and enjoyed Firefox, Safari (version 2.0, before they made the search bar non-customizable) and Opera.
  • I enjoy hot drinks such as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and mulled cider
  • I have lived in 3/7 continents
  • I am an RPG gamer
  • I recycle (and use biodegradable and post-consumer paper products whenever I can)
Tom Sawyer 1876 frontispiece.jpg This user is a member of
WikiProject Children's literature.
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