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Severe Tropical Storm Harriet
tropical storm
FormedOctober 19, 1962
DissipatedOctober 31, 1962

Tropical Storm Harriet (International designation: 78W and JMA designation 6225) was a moderate tropical storm that devastated Thailand and Bangladesh in late October of the 1962 Pacific typhoon season. Harriet was the first of three storms to cross into another cyclone basin, the other two being Super Typhoon Karen in November and Tropical Storm Nadine in December. The storm is also notable for being the western-most storm of the season and the only storm to make landfall in Thailand during the season.

Harriet killed more than 900 people with over a hundred more missing, making Harriet the deadliest storm of the season, surpassing Typhoon Wanda the month before. The next storm that devastating for the Malay Peninsula would be Typhoon Gay of 1989, which killed over one thousand people.

Storm History[edit]

The Japan Meteorological Agency first tracked Tropical Storm Harriet as a tropical wave on the morning on October 19 with a minimum pressure of 1003 mbar off the Philippines. The wave weakened to 1006 mbar and became Tropical Depression 78W on October 22 out in the open South China Sea. The depression was raised into Tropical Storm Harriet on October 25 by the JMA, where a minimal pressure of 1000 mbar was recorded. [1]

Tropical Storm Harriet was first observed by the JTWC on October 25, just off the east coast of Thailand. It hit that night as a 60 mph tropical storm, and crossed into the Indian Ocean. During landfall its storm surge flooded the Laem Talumphuk peninsula in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. There, it moved to the northwest, then recurved to the northeast. It hit Bangladesh on October 30, and dissipated the next day. [2]


Harriet blew through Thailand on October 25, 1962. In the urbanized area of Pak Phanang, water rose to a depth of four meters at the river nearby. Laem Talumpuk was swept clean by Harriet as all but five houses were destroyed in the village of four thousand people at the end of the peninsula, which had been battered with three meter high waves. In a town near the River Bang Chak, 30 percent of the houses were destroyed as well as half of the rice crop in the area.

Harriet caused 900+ fatalities (with 142 missing), injured 252, left over 10000 homeless throughout Thailand from an accompanying storm surge. The storm also affected Bangladesh on October 30, after entering the North Indian Ocean.


His Majesty the King who promptly delivered aid to the people. He personally made an appeal for public assistance, with tremendous response and donations flowing in to Chitralada Villa. He made available fund and donated materials to disaster victims, and provided fund for the Ministry of Education to rebuild 12 elementary schools destroyed by storm in six southern provinces, graciously named Rajaprajanugroh 1,2,3,4 to 12. [3]

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