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Article creating[edit]

Normally I avoid creating articles. The reason is simple: I'm not bold in English writing. I can easily understand English texts but I realize that nobody would like to become my regular spell checker. At least I'm not very glad when have to improve russian articles created by some semi-literate users. Of course I'm open for collaboration if anyone would consider that my text are worth checking.

Article checking and expanding[edit]

  • Rhacostoma atlanticum (ex Zygodactyla groenlandica)
    a hydrozoan species which was mistakenly wiki-placed to scyphozoans. The main difficulty consisted in ascertainment its currently valid latin name. I found help in the synopsis of jellyfishes by Paul Kramp (1961).
  • Atolla:
    a genus of crown jellyfishes. The article had existed as a list of six species for 4 years before I enriched it with a taxobox, an image and a couple of sentences.

Article illustrating[edit]

HotCat explosions[edit]

This activity is usually stimulated by some conspicuous events in my native russian wikipedia and ends in the portuguese wikipedia. On doing furious reorganization, I try not to forget about iwiki searching (including wikispecies and wikicommons pages). I do appreciate anyone checking the result of my activity.