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Article: Campus of De La Salle University-Manila[edit]

The campus of De La Salle University-Manila stands on...

Historical background[edit]

Classroom buildings[edit]

Other buildings[edit]

Br. John Hall[edit]

The Brother Celba John Hall was formally opened on August 13, 2000, and is located at the south corner of the De La Salle University-Manila campus. The building covers a land area of 900 square meters. The ground floor serves as a parking area for the service vehicles of the University.

On the second floor are office spaces for the DLSU Faculty Association, the DLSU Science Foundation, Inc., and the DLSU Credit Cooperative. It also has two conference rooms, one each for the Faculty Association and the Credit Cooperative.

The third floor features a room each for the Br. Andelino Manuel Castillo FSC Religious Educational Foundation, Inc. and the Inter-Institutional Consortium.

The building also houses a Wellness Center, which includes a Physical Therapuetic Massage Clinic that is run by blind members of New Vision Multipurpose Copperative, Inc. The clinic offers Swedish and shiatsu accupressure services. Aside from this, the Wellness Center also features a barbershop.

The building cost 12 million pesos, with 3 million pesos being donated each by the Parents of University Students Organiation, the DLSU Credit Cooperative, the DLSU Science Foundation, and DLSU-Manila.

The building is named after Br. Celba John FSC, one of the first Brothers who arrived in the Philippines and was president of De La Salle College from 1927 to 1930.

Article: History of De La Salle University-Manila[edit]

The history of De La Salle University-Manila traces its roots back to the year...

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