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Dr. Mustafa Jarrar is an associate professor of Computer Science at Birzeit University, since 2009. Before that he was (2007-2009) an Experienced Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Cyprus, and was (1999-2007) a Senior Research Scientist at STARLab, Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Belgium, where he also completed his Master's (2000) and PhD (early 2005). Jarrar published more than 80 articles and refereed reports in the areas of database, conceptual modeling, ontology engineering,Semantic Web, data mashups, Web 2.0, social innovation, automated reasoning, and lexical semantics. He chaired 15 international events and workshops, a PC members of more than 90 conferences and journals.

Dr. Jarrar served/serving as coordinator and project leader in many EU/national projects in the 5th,6th,7th frameworks and TEMPUS, including SIERA, Pal-Gov, GovSeer, ArabicOntology, SEARCHiN, KnowledgeWeb, OntoWeb, DIP, Innovanet, Namic, IrisWeb, POLARIS, and others. Dr. Jarrar has co-founded the Ontology Outreach Advisory, which is an international not-for-profit association with the aim of developing strategies for ontology recommendation and standardization.

Dr. Jarrar is a full member of the IFIP2.6 on Database Semantics, the IFIP2.12 on Web Semantics, the IEEE Learning Standards Committee, and the CEN/ISSS ICT Skills and Curricula; Governor at The ESCWA Technology Centre Board Of Governors, the chair of the National Interoperability Committee, and an active member of the Palestinian E-Government Core Team. Dr Jarrar is an adviser to the Minister of Telecommunication and IT in Palestine.

Dr. Jarrar's h-index is currently 18 and has more than 1300 citations to his articles.

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