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My graduation photo-17 February 2004

I am Mansour Jourabchian Esfahani (منصور جورابچیان اصفهانی) from Iran. And I was born in 24/06/1982 in north of Tehran and graduated from Daneshmand High School and did my university education with honors GPA in Eastern Mediterranean University. I'm with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis and happy with life. In 5th of August 2010 I married to an Indonesian girl. Ghormeh Sabzi is my favorite food. I always celebrate Nowruz. My favorite writer and philosopher : I like Iranian Tele-Theatre very much.

Banana for Multiple Sclerosis[edit]

Short history about my MS[edit]

I remember since I was 16 I had huge heart pain and I was not not even able to mountain climbing in camping and then it was converted to MS in 23 in SAM Electronics company. In 25 I started MS medicines ans fighting with MS. When Mohammad Ali Sahraian smiled and mentioned you are with SPMS I was shocked.


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These following articles and talk sections have been written and completed by me (Mansour Jourabchian). I also have edited many articles in the talk section with my signature.

A: Active-filter tuned oscillator B: Blackman - Turkey Transformation B: Ballistic capture D: Daneshmand High School and Daneshmand secondary school H: Heel effect I: Intent in Islam L: Letter of credit (Different Types of LC) L: Line Focus Principle S: Speech difficulties in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) T: Tom Ogle (Inventor) V: Vision problems in Multiple Sclerosis

Talk:Schön Scandal (Brilliant Idea)

Talk:Comet (Oxygen as Common Element)

Talk:Z-Transform (Transformation in Electronics)

Talk:Intent in Islam (Pillar of Worship)

Talk:Line Focus Principle (Geometric Unsharpness)

Talk:Active-Filter Tuned Oscillator (Oscillation)

Talk:Pluto (Different Moon Rotation and Surface)

Talk:Blackman-Tukey Transformation (Blackman-Tukey Transformation Versus Fast Fourier Transformation)

Talk:Intent in Islam (Story of Prophet Moses and Pharaoh)

Talk:Mars (Once Mars Had More Water Than Earth's Arctic)

Talk:Pluto (New Horizon NASA 's Spacecraft Approaches Pluto)

Talk:Fish (First Warm Blooded Fish)

Talk:Eastern Mediterranean University (Time Limit of Library)

Talk:Intent in Islam (Idea of Islam About God)

Talk:Active-Filter Tuned Oscillator (Forcing Function)

Talk:Active-Filter Tuned Oscillator (Phase Shift)

Talk:Active-Filter Tuned Oscillator (Unstable System)

Talk:Daneshmand High School (Daneshand Secondary School)

Talk:Tolstoy (Famous Quotes)

Talk:Henry David Thoreau (Simplify Simplify Simplify)

Talk:Moore's Law (Moore's law confounded the electronic world)

Talk:Representative Men (Great Men)

Talk:Robert Browning (Devil's Smithy)

Talk:Table Manners (Table Manners)

Talk:Multiple Sclerosis (Demyelinating Disease)

Talk:Multiple Sclerosis (Catalyzing Body's Own Immune Cell System)

Talk:Meteorite (Origin of Minerals In Our Solar System)

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