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My graduation photo-17 February 2004

Mansour Jourabchian Esfahani (منصور جورابچیان اصفهانی) from Iran and he really loves to write articles in Wikipedian manners. He is good with all people around the world. He is native speaker of Persian. The following articles are written and edited by Mansour Jourabchian Esfahani: (some more has been written by him but Unfortunately were deleted by Wikipedia because they did not fulfill the requirements of Wikipedia's standards.

edited: Daneshmand High School, Daneshmand Secondary School, edited (Types of LC): Letter of credit, Speech difficulties in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Honey usage in recovering the wounds, Cleanliness in Islam, The Magnetic Force Between Parallel Conductors, Intent in Islam, Active-filter Tuned Oscillator, Line Focus Principle, Blackman - Turkey Transformation, Vision problems in Multiple Sclerosis, Heel effect, Effects of Ramadan on fetus on wikigrain, Ballistic capture, Medieval mathematician prediction

edited in talk section (Time limit of the library, ABET accreditation): Eastern Mediterranean University. edited in talk section (Ballistic Capture, cheaper way to travel proposed way to Mars planet): Low-energy transfer. edited in talk section (New horizon NASA spacecraft approaches Pluto): Pluto. edited in talk section (Divine comedy, Difference in meaning comedy): Divine comedy. edited in talk section (Titan, Pulling back the smoggy veil by Cassini spacecraft): Titan (moon). edited in talk section (Powerful winds in Black holes): Black hole. edited in talk section (Venus twin to earth): Venus. edited in talk section (Life is not possible easily on Titan (moon)): Titan (moon). edited in talk section (Differences in observational data and solutions): Sun. edited in talk section (Once Mars had more water than Earth's Arctic ocean): Mars. edited in talk section (Discovering new dwarf satellite): Dwarf planet. edited in talk section (Underground water in Ganymede moon): Ganymede (moon). edited in talk section (Origin of minerals in our solar system): Meteorite. edited in talk section (Demyelinating diseases): Multiple Sclerosis. edited in talk section (Rocky planets may orbit double stars): Terrestrial planets. edited in talk section (Islamic eating manners): Table manners. edited in talk section (Understanding ALLAH as much as your knowledge): Intent in Islam. edited in talk section (Unraveling a design problem): Electromagnetism. edited in talk section (Elements inside the earth): Earth. edited in talk section (Catalyzing body's own immune cells system): Multiple Sclerosis. edited in talk section (Story of Prophet Musa and pharaoh): Intent in Islam. edited in talk section (Moore's law confounded the electronic world): Moore's law. edited in talk section (Runaway star): Stellar kinematics. edited in talk section (First warm blooded fish): Fish. edited in talk section (Simplify Simplify Simplify): Henry David Thoreau edited in talk section (Gen manipulation): Cancer.

They are available articles in Wikipedia.

The user is Electronic engineer and graduated from Eastern Mediterranean University with honors GPA in North Cyprus and is with SP (Secondary Progressive) Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis made him left handed. He was born in 1982 and celebrates Nowruz. Honesty is the most important thing in human's life. His country's flag is: Flag of Iran.svg. His wife's country's flag is: Flag of Indonesia.svg

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