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The Large Hadron Collider has NOT destroyed the Earth. Last updated 09:28, 19 August.

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Matthew is a Captain in the United States Air Force.

Games Played[edit]

The following games have had a profound impact on my Gaming Career:

Items Owned[edit]

I am proud to own the following items:

Awards and decorations[edit]

Military awards[edit]

USAF - Cyberspace Operator Wings Basic.png
Cyberspace Operator Basic Badge
Top Row National Defense Service Medal Air Force Longevity Service Award Air Force Training Ribbon

Civil Air Patrol[edit]

Redsvc.gif Find.gif Disrel.png
Csa.png Encamp - 2.png Mitchell.gif


I am or have been members of the following organizations (In chronological order by date joined):

Places Visited/Attended[edit]

I have set foot upon the following or taken part of the following places, and they have significantly impacted my life:

Sports Venues Visited[edit]

I have witnessed America's enthusiasm for Competition at the following places:

Military Vehicles[edit]

I have set foot upon, been inside, or held on to the following (in alphabetical order):

Civilian Vehicles[edit]

I have drove, passengered, or pushed the following (in alphabetical order):

Articles by Matthew[edit]

I originally started editing Wiki's at a Co-Op job at work. The company I work for had an internal wiki which I maintained, and I started editing other wiki's to become more proficient..

Pages Created by Matthew[edit]

I have originated the following pages, and monitor them accordingly:

Templates and Infoboxes[edit]

These don't really count as articles, but I made them:

Pages Greatly Improved or Expanded Upon by Matthew[edit]

I have added content or made other noteworthy contributions to the following pages:

Pages Minorly Edited by Matthew[edit]

I have have stopped maintaining this section, as it's a pain.

Pages Watched by Matthew[edit]

I proposed a change or contested something on the following pages, so I monitor them to see current progress (but do not watch them):

Matthew's Current Articles in Progress[edit]

I am currently interested in the following articles, and intend on significantly adding to them: (This does not imply that article ownership)

Matthew's Up and Coming Articles[edit]

Although I'm mostly inactive, I am working on the following articles in my user space: (This does imply that I own these articles)

Matthew's Recommended Reading List[edit]

Pages Useful for Editing[edit]

I find the following pages especially useful for editing Wikipedia:


Useful Thoughts[edit]

1RR This user prefers discussing changes on the talk page rather than engaging in an edit war.

A Message from Jimbo[edit]

"All those people who are obsessively writing about Britney Spears or 'The Simpsons' or Pokémon -- it's just not true that we should try to redirect them into writing about obscure concepts in physics...Wiki is not paper, and their time is not owned by us. We can't say, 'Why do we have these employees doing stuff that's so useless?' They're not hurting anything. Let them write it."
-Jimbo Wales, as quoted in James Gleick, "Wikipedians Leave Cyberspace, Meet in Egypt: In Alexandria, 650 Devotees Bemoan Vandals, Debate Rules; Deletionists vs. Inclusionists," The Wall Street Journal (August 8, 2008): W1.


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