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Mjquinn id
In development
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BornApril 1, 1965
Alton, Illinois
Current locationBoise, Idaho
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  • Information Technology: World Wide Web
  • Sport: Tennis
  • Music: Jazz, Choir
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Why am I here?[edit]

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4,000+This user has made more than 4,000 contributions to Wikipedia.

I created this account to help with the Tennis articles; which relate to the Tennis Portal. I am eclectic in my interests, with a few strong points here and there. (Ibid. Avicennasis) I am appalled at general vandalism as much as overzealous editors. I have been known to make updates in any of the categories listed on the right.

Wikipedian Status: Member since October, 2005. Active since January, 2006 (12 years, 319 days).

What have I done? Edit Count: 4000+

Who am I?[edit]

  • I am a geek of the first water, but prefer to be an IT Renaissance man.
  • I am currently doing contract IT work in Boise, Idaho. Since, I generally work within IT/Web Departments; I am usually promoting the editing of Wikipedia on behalf of my employers. Although some of my edits may concern my previous employers, I am not in Public Relations and my contributions do not represent the views or opinions of my employers or any of their subsidiaries.
  • For 2015: Optum
  • For 2014: Cambia Health Solutions or HealthSparq
  • For 2013: Idaho Health and Welfare
  • From 2006-2012: SuperValu and Albertson's
  • From 1997-2006 with HP.
  • Educated: Augustana College; Stevens High School; West Junior High; Rossman, MO

Other Incarnations[edit]

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Do you really want to know? If so, Why?

Quinn's Tools[edit]

Tools: WP:Huggle, WP:AWB, WP:ROLLBACK, Wikipedia:WikiProject Check Wikipedia


  1. Revert first, then discuss
  2. Use the Warn function in WP:Huggle, even for IP's - so they can be blocked.

WikiProject Banners[edit]

  1. Every article should have one; usually more. The more eyes, the better the article.
    1. If more than 3; place {{WikiProjectBannerShell}}; If WPBIO then add blp=yes to the shell
  2. WP Banner Order
    1. If WPBio, then move it to first position. Take a famous tennis player; WPBio, Then Tennis, Then country of birth. Then state if US, Cities if they have a "Category:Sports people from {cityname}"
    2. if Museum: Museum, then {art|tech|natural}, then country, maybe city


  • Fix Infobox categories; add WP banners
  • Fix Navbox categories; add WP banners

Projects and Articles[edit]

  • This site [[m:User:Mjquinn_id]]
  • Found a better page presentation here


I have a number of projects in which I have an interest. I have not joined them all. I am still learning about Portals, Projects, Templates and Categories; how they currently work and generally making sure that my areas of interest are up to standards and correct data-wise when possible.

List of projects: (in order of joining)

Areas in which I have an interest[edit]

Articles I'm working on in my sandbox[edit]

These are works in progress, but I would still be interested in input other wikipedians had to offer on them.

Articles I'm working on live[edit]

  1.  Done Make Project:Tennis talk banner like Project:France (with the "right Icon").

  • Check Wikipedia:TOTD more often
  •  DoneAdd {{Signpost-subscription|right}}
  • Check out usage of {{Werdnabot|inc_cur=3}}
  •  Donefind the ToDo thing and implement it for Tennis


  1. Adding pages to the project and the portal; Still searching/debating "rules" for which page goes where...
  2. Category:List-Class_tennis_articles - Building this list; also N/A's
  1. See why the "see also" list here: List_of_female_tennis_players does not show up under general tennis categories...
  2. Rebuild Template:WikiProject Tennis from a custom template to a WPBannerMeta standard template (see Sandbox).
  3. Assess articles: Category:Unknown-importance_tennis_articles
  4. Go for players that need an infobox. Find Category.


  1. IP:Boise State Broncos tennis; Find stats, coaches list, awards
  2. DONE:Need 'Boise State University' bottom banner (See other major universities...)

 Done Made it {{Boise State University}}

  1. Make Broncos a sub category of Category:College tennis teams in the United States like these guys: Category:South_Carolina_Gamecocks_tennis
  • I will work on this page also...since he lives in town...Greg Patton


  1. make a "real" company template (as a basis for new corporate articles. Some kind of reference as to what headers should exist.




A place for research links and Wikipedia news.

The Signpost
28 October 2018


Special Thanks to:[edit]

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