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The Inspiration of Saint Matthew (Caravaggio, c. 1602).


You look at me, with interest unfeigned,
And listen - I am pleased; or else, alone,
I watch thin bubbles veering brightly upward
From unknown depths, my silver thoughts ascending;
Saying now this, now that, hinting of all things,
Dreams, and desires, half-wishes, half-regrets,
Faint ghosts of memory, strange recognitions,
But all with one deep meaning: This is I,
This is the glistening secret holy I,
This silver-winged wonder, insubstantial,
This singing ghost . . . And hearing, I am warmed.
Conrad Aiken, from "Palimpset: The Deceitful Portrait"


[used to be an] undergraduate at mit studying some amalgam of mathematics, science, philosophy, and literature.