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Anti-Communist.png This user is opposed to communism in both theory and practice.
Hakenkreuz im Verbotsschild.svg This user is highly against nazism.
This user supports protection of the environment.
Adamhandgod.jpg God made this user an atheist. Do you question his wisdom?
HumanismSymbol.PNG This user is a Humanist.
Serbia This user is a member of WikiProject Serbia.
AntiKosovo flag.png This user is opposed to Kosovo's independence.
sr Матерњи језик овог корисника је српски језик.
en-4 This user can contribute with a near-native level of English.
Balkan topo en.jpg This user is interested in the History of the Balkans.
Nuvola apps bookcase.svg This user is a book lover.
TheThinker2.jpg This user enjoys philosophy.
Nuvola apps kcoloredit.svg This user is an art lover.
Rock.png For those about to rock, this user salutes you!
Birth of Venus detail.jpg This user knows the difference between beauty and trash. Schrotthaufen Berlin.jpg