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As of June 28, 2006 , Mmounties is Busy.
I might check Wikipedia, but I won't be actively participating or editing until September 1, 2006.

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Loving each other...and staying miraculously clean...

My Wikictivity[edit]

Portal:Germany and translate, translate, and translate again. ...or so it seems...


I was born and raised in Germany and lived there until I came to the States at age 25. I speak both English and German at native/near native levels. I have two sons that used to keep me busy. Now they're off to college and beyond, so one of them thought I have too much free time on my hands (I don't agree) and should think about helping out with translations here (I agree). I make my living as a Project Manager IT working for one of the 4 largest accounting firms and also hold a CPA license. I lived 19 years in New Jersey, 3 in Maine, and now I live in Southern California.

I'm into Baseball and Ice Hockey, Germany, my dogs, learning, music, reading, and much, much more...

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Of the initial gazillion entries (300 on my list alone) 74 are done.

7.4% completed (Estimate)

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