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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia . I gave Wikipedia a chance for 9 years. Jimmy Wales had a great idea, and 2008-2010 seemed to be the zenith for the project, it had overcome its growing pains, and Civility was scrupulously enforced, but it has been on a steady decline from there. More and more incivility has been ignored, and even instigated by admins, who seem to pepper their edit summaries, closing summaries, and talk page comments with snark that escalates rather than resolves conflict. When I went to ANI to report someone for accusing me of "fraud" and was immediately hectored by uninvolved non-administrators merely for filing an ANI, and an admin's response is "X makes those kinds of comments at ANI. Everybody knows it, and now you do too. He's being snarky, not uncivil. Stop paying attention and it won't bother you," that's when I finally acknowledged how dysfunctional the Wikipedia culture had become. It's no wonder Wikipedia is losing editors[1][2], and now I'm one of them.
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