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Hi! I'm Dave, but you probably guessed that. This is not my original username; I have previously edited under the name Davemeistermoab. I still retain control of this account for use on public computers or wi-fi networks, so you may see an occasional contribution. I never really liked that name and would prefer to use my current name, or just Dave. And yes, both my old and new usernames hint that I grew up in the Four Corners region. I no longer live there, but miss the area dearly. I am an administrator, and I do believe in admin accountability. If you disagree with one of my admin actions, make your case to me as to why. I'll try to be reasonable. If you don't like that, RfC or ArbCom are popular places to air grievances. I formally considered myself open to recall. However, with the lynch mob mentality that has taken hold every time an admin performs a remotely controversial action, or even makes an innocent mistake, I don't see the point. Being open to recall just provides one more talk page for the lynch mob to assemble the pitch forks.

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