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Billboard collapse in 2002[edit]

Rebuilt Billboard as of August 2007

On August 1, 2002, a 35,000-pound billboard collapsed during its installation at the corner of Dogwood Road and GA SR 124. The collapse killed brothers Josh and Anthony Fowler and Lance Stofiel.[citation needed] Clyde Elrod was the only survivor. The collapse also destroyed two unoccupied vehicles and the side of the building it was above.[citation needed]

The city issued a statement blaming the accident on a federal court decision that threw out the city's restrictions on tall billboards.[citation needed] Trinity Outdoor and Interstate Outdoor Advertising had sued to overturn the restrictions.[citation needed]

After lengthy inspections by the city, which included the removal of other billboards throughout the city for repairs, the city had no choice but to reissue permits as allowed by the court order.[citation needed]

As of 2006, the collapsed billboard had been rebuilt and remains standing along with others throughout the city.[citation needed]

In response to the collapse and court order, the City now requires all new building and zoning requests to stipulate that they will not allow the construction of billboards for any purpose.[citation needed]

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